Fairy tales start beautifully and end beautifully, but the outcome of the fate of people who create them is far from ideal. We have collected incarnation biopics about writers that made up the tales that have entered and remained in our lives.

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Miss Potter, 2006

The biographical drama “Miss Potter” is based on the true story of the life and work of Beatrix Potter. The plot of the film is not limited to the writer’s biography and love story but turns into a real drama full of unexpected twists and difficult situations.

Renee Zellweger received an honorary Golden Globe for her role as Miss Potter. The main motive of the film is all-conquering love and kindness, and it also reflects the rigidity of class relations and the truth about true female friendship. Throughout her life, Miss Potter has been creating fairy tales and illustrations for them. 

When a woman comes to the publishing house, Norman Warne releases her book, which becomes incredibly popular. Creative upsurge exceeds expectations, sales are growing, and the life of Miss Potter takes on the features of a beautiful fairy tale. In addition, she and Warne love each other, and he proposes to the writer. Unfortunately, Beatrice’s parents have their own opinions about her future.

Goodbye Christopher Robin, 2017

The plot of the film is based on real events and tells the story of the relationship between the famous English writer Alan Milne and his little son Christopher Robin. Returning from the war, the man again began writing in a humorous magazine, for which he had previously written satirical plays. 

However, the war had a very strong effect on him, and one day he realized that he no longer wanted to make people laugh. Alan decides to write a serious piece that will make the reader think about the important things in life. To do this, he leaves London and goes with his son to a country house, where it is much easier for him to concentrate. 

There he has more free time, which he begins to spend with his son. In the course of communication with Christopher Robin, Milne gets the idea to write a book for him, the main character of which will be the boy himself, as well as his favorite toy – a teddy bear.

Kill Your Darlings, 2013

To watch this film at the Venice Film Festival, the queue was occupied from the night: it is not every day that you can see an independent movie about beatniks in which the idol of all children and teenagers plays the intellectual idol of adults. The audience and critics noted not only the excellent acting but also the amazing chemistry between the leading actors – Daniel Radcliffe (Allen Ginsberg) and Dane DeHaan (Lucien Carr). Kill Your Darlings is one of the rare films where relationships between writers are not depicted with close-ups of a typewriter.

The heroes here are living people, sometimes deeply unpleasant, sometimes evoking sympathy, and literature consists of flesh and blood instead of cardboard.

Secret Window, 2004

Some windows should not be opened. Writer Mort Rainey is going through a difficult breakup with his wife, which leaves him with writer’s block. In addition to all the troubles, recently, the writer has been pursued by a stranger who identified himself as John Shooter. He claims that Rainey stole the story from him and must answer for it. From simple threats, Shooter moves to action.

Actor John Turturro, who embodied the image of the Shooter on the screen, decided to participate in the project only after the persuasion of his son, a passionate admirer of Stephen King’s work.

1408, 2007

Room 1408 at New York’s Dolphin Hotel is notorious. Over the 95 years of the hotel’s existence, 56 people committed suicide in it. But writer Mike Enslin is sure that all these bikes are just a publicity stunt for the owners. He persistently demands to settle him in the ill-fated room.

The horror has two official endings. In the rental version, the writer survives and learns about the short circuit that occurred in the room. In the director’s cut, Mike dies, and his ghost appears to the hotel manager after listening to the writer’s recorder.   

The Nights Flier, 1997

Journalist Richard Dees is completely written out, and in the newspaper, he is entrusted with work only on various nonsense. Once again, Richard needs to write a report about a mysterious pilot who lands on small private airfields and leaves behind only bloodless corpses. After some thought, Dees decides to get down to business. The only thing that interests him now is the sensation. And how many people have to die for this is unimportant.

In addition to “Night Flier,” journalist Richard Dees is the hero of the novel “Dead Zone.”


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Without a doubt, everybody who has an interest in writing can write, but not all authors are equally talented and dedicated. The inspiration found in previously published works is used as a tool by those who choose to write in order to develop high-quality work. By looking at what other writers have done, you can help craft quality work and become a successful author.

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