The exam season is always the most difficult and stressful for all students. The deadlines, a lot of information, professors who demand to know all the material, and sometimes retakes make students feel discouraged and mentally exhausted. Of course, sometimes during such periods students resort to the help of a paper helper, which helps them to meet deadlines and hand in all their papers on time.  But this period always comes to an end, after which it is worth thinking about rest and recovery.

Some students, in order to renew their energy, go on a trip, hang out with friends, travel to the countryside in the mountains or the sea. Some students are more comfortable staying at home, forgetting to worry about anything and letting their brains rest while watching light TV shows. You might find something to watch in this article.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Actually, John Oliver is a famous British comedian who came to America by chance: Ricky Gervais recommended him for the role of British correspondent for The Daily Show, then hosted by the popular TV host Jon Stewart. Two weeks after the interview, he got the job and stayed in the U.S. forever. His sharp wit and charisma provided him with his own weekly show since 2014, which makes fun of everything that happens not only within the U.S., but far beyond.

According to Oliver himself, the producers gave him complete freedom of action: he has the right to criticize on the air any corporations, political actions, and politicians themselves. Thus, his broadcasts can be devoted to absolutely any topic, even the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio. The show’s YouTube channel now has almost five million subscribers.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show had its heyday when host Jon Stewart was at the helm. He was the face of the show from 1999 to 2015, and during that time he became America’s favorite anchor, without exaggeration. Another famous TV anchor, Stephen Colbert, also began his career on the show, which was hosted a couple of years later by Jon Stewart.

This talent pool has always boasted freedom of speech, and Stewart ruled the ball: He did whatever he wanted, not shying away from strong language and parodies of then-president Donald Trump. He once hired a gospel choir to sing on air the phrase “Go fuck yourself,” which Stewart addressed to FOX News. The show still exists today, but with a different host, Trevor Noah.

Saturday Night Live

One of the most popular and enduring shows on American television, the first episode of which came out as far back as 1975. It’s a weekly comedy sketch show hosted by a new star each time: at different times it was Kristen Stewart, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson and many, many others. It would take more than one piece to list everyone who has become famous thanks to “Saturday Night Live,” but at various times the regular cast members of the show have included Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Dan Ackroyd, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and many more.

The show also has a news segment similar to the aforementioned news shows called “Weekend Update.” It does not differ much in meaning from them – it is a discussion of an agenda, which in the case of SNL, however, is sometimes discussed by fictional characters played by the show’s actors. The most barbed were the parodies of Donald Trump played by Alec Baldwin. Even during the presidential race, SNL has consistently parodied presidential candidates in its weekly sketches.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

A relatively new satirical show. Samantha Bee also began her career as a correspondent for “The Daily Show” and has been doing it for twelve years, longer than anyone else on the show. After blind-selecting her team (applicants were not required to identify their gender and work experience), she found that she was almost half female and 30 percent non-European.

There are no guest guests on the show, but actors occasionally appear in certain segments of the show; in addition, Full Frontal has four full-time correspondents working “in the field. The creators are most concerned with the “injustices of this world” – for example, Samantha did a story in Jordan about the Veterans Health Administration, which refused to help female soldiers. Bee is famous for her extremely emotional style of broadcasting, and judging by the rating of “Full Frontal” (very good), viewers like it.

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