Fetty Wap Net Worth
Fetty Wap Net Worth

Fetty Wap, the rapper who achieved stardom with his chart-topping single “Trap Queen” in 2015, enjoyed swift global acclaim, but his career came to an abrupt halt in 2017 when he faced drug-related charges.

The Drug Charges

The charges against Fetty Wap centered on one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances. These allegations were the result of an extensive investigation into a drug trafficking ring operating in New Jersey and New York. Fetty Wap was accused of being a part of this illicit ring, distributing substantial quantities of cocaine and heroin.

How He Was Caught

Fetty Wap’s downfall occurred when one of his associates was apprehended and chose to cooperate with the authorities. The associate provided crucial information about the drug trafficking ring, exposing Fetty Wap’s involvement in the illicit activities.

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The Outcome

In August 2022, Fetty Wap pleaded guilty to the drug charges. Subsequently, in May 2023, he received a six-year prison sentence.

The Aftermath

Since his arrest in August 2022, Fetty Wap’s life has undergone a profound transformation. He has remained incarcerated and is slated for release in May 2029. Additionally, his career has suffered adverse effects, with no new music releases since 2017 and a decline in popularity.


Fetty Wap’s journey serves as a potent cautionary tale regarding the perils of drug trafficking. Despite his rapid rise as a successful rapper, he jeopardized everything by becoming involved in illegal activities. His story stands as a solemn warning to others contemplating such ventures, emphasizing the devastating consequences that await those who choose the path of illicit deeds.

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