Silento Net Worth
Silento Net Worth

Silentó is a rapper who rose to fame in 2015 with his hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” However, in recent years, he has been in the news for his legal troubles. In January 2021, he was arrested and charged with the murder of his cousin, Frederick Rooks. Silentó is currently being held in the DeKalb County Jail without bond.

History of Silentó’s Legal Troubles

Silentó’s legal troubles began in August 2020, when he was arrested for domestic violence. He was accused of attacking his girlfriend at their home in California. In October 2020, he was arrested again for speeding. He was driving more than 140 mph on Interstate 85 in Georgia. And in January 2021, he was arrested for the murder of his cousin.

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Mental Health Issues and the Murder Charge

Silentó’s lawyers have argued that he is mentally ill and that his mental health problems contributed to the murder. They have also said that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the murder. However, the prosecution has argued that Silentó is not mentally ill and that he is fully responsible for his actions.

The Future for Silentó

It is still too early to say what the future holds for Silentó. He is currently facing a murder charge, which carries a sentence of life in prison. However, his lawyers may be able to negotiate a plea deal that would result in a lesser sentence. It is also possible that Silentó will go to trial and be found not guilty.

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Silentó’s case is a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness. It is also a reminder that even celebrities can be affected by mental illness. Silentó’s case has had a significant impact on the music industry. His arrest and murder charge have led to calls for more mental health resources for musicians. His case has also raised awareness of the issue of gun violence in the United States.

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