Masika Kalysha Net WorthMasika Kalysha Net Worth

Masika Kalysha was a main cast member on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood for four seasons. She was known for her drama with her ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap, her outspoken personality, and her fierce independence. However, she left the show after season four, and has not returned since.

Masika’s time on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Masika was introduced to viewers on season one of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. She was dating Fetty Wap at the time, and the two had a tumultuous relationship. They broke up multiple times, and Masika accused Fetty of cheating on her.

In season two, Masika gave birth to Fetty Wap’s daughter, Khari Barbie. However, the two continued to have problems in their relationship. Fetty Wap was often absent from Khari’s life, and Masika felt that he was not supporting her or their daughter.

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In season three, He focused on her career and motherhood. She started her own business, and she also began writing a book about her experiences as a single mother.

In season four, Masika was demoted to a supporting cast member. She was also asked to film scenes with her rival, Alexis Skyy. Masika was uncomfortable with this, and she refused to film with Alexis. As a result, she had very little screen time in season four.

Reasons for Masika’s departure from Love and Hip Hop

Masika has given several reasons for her departure from Love and Hip Hop. She has said that she was dissatisfied with the way she was being portrayed on the show. She felt that the producers were exploiting her for drama, and that they were not showing her true personality.

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Masika has also said that she felt exploited by the producers. She has claimed that they forced her to film scenes that she was uncomfortable with, and that they edited her footage in a way that made her look bad.

Finally, Masika has said that she left Love and Hip Hop to focus on her career and motherhood. She felt that the show was taking up too much of her time and energy, and that it was preventing her from pursuing her other goals.


Masika left Love and Hip Hop for a variety of reasons. She was dissatisfied with her portrayal on the show, she felt exploited by the producers, and she wanted to focus on her career and motherhood.

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