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Net Worth$140 Million
Date of foundationAugust 13, 1993
LocationUnited States
Last Updated2023

AND1 Basketball Company & what is it known for?

AND1 is a well-known and popular brand best recognized for its basketball shoes, clothes, and accessories. It began in the United States and has since grown in popularity. AND1, a well-known basketball brand, started operations on August 13, 1993.

The company is a specialized division of Sequential Brands Group solely focused on basketball. The group provides help to NBA players as well as various American high school and amateur athletic association (AAU) teams.

The famous American Company AND1 Net Worth is Estimated to be $140  Million, according to Forbes Update.

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AND1 Basketball Company Early History, Foundation & Management

AND1 was founded in 1993 by Jay Coen Gilbert, Seth Berger, and Tom Austin, all graduate students at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

The name of the company comes from the term “free throw,” used by basketball commentators to describe a shot provided to a player after they have been fouled while attempting to score.

It all began with the brand’s founder selling T-shirts from the trunk of his car. Earlier forms of advertising used other basketball-related catchphrases and smack talk, such as “Pass. Put an end to your shame.

They targeted street ballers as a target market for their shirts. The shirts were first sold at Foot Locker, and the company quickly expanded to 1,500 locations in the United States within its first two years.

The NBA’s Stephon Marbury signed on as AND1’s first official spokesperson around the middle of 1996. AND1 entered the footwear market with the signing of Stephon Marbury and the release of their first pair of basketball shoes.

AND1 started signing up more and more NBA stars, including Latrell Sprewell, Kevin Garnett, and Jamal Crawford, to wear their gear. Products from AND1 debuted at retailers like Foot Locker and FootAction. 

By the 2001 season, AND1 had become the second-most famous brand among NBA endorsees, behind only Nike. In just eight years from the company’s founding, it became the No. 2 basketball brand in the United States.

When Mixtape 3 by AND1 was released in 2002, it began what would become known as the Mixtape Tour.

Celebrity streetballers like “Hot Sauce” and “The Professor” would go from court to court to face off against their peers. Enduring streetballers on the summer tours would be rewarded with sponsorship opportunities from AND1. 

The Company, AND1, has now generated quite a lot of revenue as its Net Worth is estimated to be $140 Million, according to Forbes.

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AND1 Net Worth, Products & Founders


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The American Company ANP1, is known for producing athletic shoes, clothing, sports equipment, accessories. It had become the second-most famous brand among NBA endorsees, behind only Nike, according to the survey. 

According to our report, AND1 was founded by a group of people who happened to work on a project together. It turned out they clicked. Seth Berger, Jay Coen Gilbert, and Tom Austin are all founders of the company. It was not until 1996 that they could have an NBA Player be their spokesman.

AND1 Net Worth Today is Estimated to be over $140 Million, according to the report.

When was AND1 Sold, and how much was it sold for?

According to sources, the famous American Athletes Brand, The AND1 brand, was sold to Galaxy International 2011 for $55 million.

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How many Athletes has the AND1 Mixtape Tour featured?

The AND1 Mixtape Tour featured famous streetball players such as Skip to My Lou, Main Event, The Professor, Hot Sauce, Spyda, 50, and AO. Every year, the AND1 squad tours the United States to pursue the next great streetball player.

This scouting was later used in the ESPN and ESPN2 shows Street Ball. Also, “Game On” is a parody of this phrase from the film Like Mike 2: Streetball.

The tour was shown on ESPN2 in half-hour “Streetball” segments, and highlight reels from those broadcasts were released on DVD under the label AND1 Mixtape. AND1 has been published in ten volumes. AND1 Mixtape Volume 1 was released in 1998, followed by AND1 Mixtape X in 2008.

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After a brief hiatus, the AND1 Mixtape Tour will relaunch in 2010 as the AND1 Live Streetball Tour. After staying unbeaten outside the United States until losing to the debuting Puerto Rico Streetballers in 2012, the AND1 squad went on a world tour, defeating most international teams, including those from Chile and Angola.

Lists of Athletes AND1 is sponsoring presently


  • Daryl Macon
  • Thomas Beauchamp
  • Norman Powell

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  • It was founded on August 13, 1993, by all then-graduates of the University of Pennsylvania
  • It was founded then by Jay Coen Gilbert, Seth Berger, and Tom Austin
  • It is a specialized division of Sequential Brands Group that is solely focused on basketball
  • Its net worth is estimated to be $140 as of the 2024 update.
  • It had become the second-most famous brand among NBA endorsees, behind only Nike.
  • It is currently sponsoring players like Daryl Macon, Thomas Beauchamp, Norman Powell





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