CBD use is on the rise, and it’s widely recognized as a remedy for stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, among other health issues. Thus, the CBD market welcomes new users every day due to the non-intoxicating properties and numerous therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol. Recent technological advancements have made it possible to extract CBD from hemp and purify it, so users have meager risks of getting high when using even full-spectrum CBD products. Thus, the CBD industry is quickly advancing, with many health-boosting products offered over the counter without prescriptions. 

If you’re interested to know how CBD-rich hemp flower can help soothe your stress and anxiety, read more at https://askgrowers.com/cbd/flower. To assure you of the safety and legality of CBD use, we’ve compiled a list of well-known celebrities officially reporting its use and attesting to its health benefits. Read on to see whether one of your idols has already tried CBD remedies. 

#1 Jennifer Aniston

The well-known actress and advocate for wellness has mentioned using CBD for relaxation and as part of her self-care routine. In one of her interviews with US Weekly, Jennifer Aniston characterized her CBD use as follows, “it has all the benefits of marijuana without the high” and pointed out that she took CBD for pain, stress, and anxiety relief. To her, CBD offers potent relief for daily stresses, which is essential for people with fast-moving lives like that of Hollywood celebrities, when falling off track is simply unaffordable. Jennifer also repeatedly noted her use of CBD-infused skincare products. 

#2 Olivia Wilde

This actress and filmmaker has expressed interest in CBD and its potential relaxation and stress relief benefits. She is particularly positive about the healing properties of CBD in skincare products and spoke openly about the benefits of her CBD cream. Besides, Wilde associates CBD with potent stress relief and pain management; her first acquaintance with CBD-infused pain relief remedies happened during her participation in the Broadway show, which required much physical effort and caused a severe overload on her body. Thus, Wilde decided to resort to CBD creams and roll-ons for muscle relaxation and anti-inflammatory effects instead of getting hooked on painkillers. 

#3 Kim Kardashian

A prominent figure in popular culture, Kim Kardashian has shared her use of CBD for relaxation and self-care purposes. Kim K is pretty open and sincere about her CBD use preferences and routines, so she is always happy to share recommendations for the CBD products she has tried and liked. The celebrity often talks about her CBD findings on Instagram, and she recently confessed to her love for CBD salves as a potent remedy for stress and pain. Besides, Kim is a regular visitor of the Pellequr spa, a Korean brand offering proprietary blends with CBD extracts. 

#4 Whoopi Goldberg

The actress and television personality launched her own line of CBD-infused products designed to provide relief and relaxation. Overall, Goldberg has been an active advocate of medical cannabis legalization and dissemination across the United States. She is also a co-founder of Whoopi & Maya, a medical marijuana vendor in the USA. Besides, Whoopi Goldberg is a regular user of CBD for period pain; she often praises the miraculous healing power of CBD brownies in situations of severe cramps. 

#5 Morgan Freeman

Known for his distinctive voice and acting talent, Morgan Freeman has openly discussed using CBD oil to help manage pain and promote relaxation. Freeman reports that CBD has been helping him for many years, especially after a serious car accident in 2008 that caused the star to develop fibromyalgia. Thus, the celebrity is open about using THC and CBD as regular pain relief remedies and is positive regarding marijuana as a herbal remedy for many health issues. 

#6 Gwyneth Paltrow

The founder of Goop and advocate for holistic wellness has mentioned incorporating CBD into her wellness routines. Interestingly, Paltrow was one of the first celebs to talk openly about the benefits of CBD and report her own CBD use. The star shares her experience of taking a couple of CBD oil drops at moments of exceptional stress and claims that this remedy helps her calm down quickly and efficiently. 

#7 Kristen Bell

This actress and advocate for mental health has expressed her use of CBD for relaxation and as a tool to help manage anxiety. A star of A Good Place and a participant in several new movie projects, Bell is open about her regular use of CBD products for stress and pain relief. According to the actress, staying on track with so many responsibilities and tasks is impossible without a potent anxiety remedy that can help one unwind after the multiple pressures of a hectic day. 

#8 Tom Hanks 

Tom Hanks is an iconic Hollywood star without scandals and controversies under his belt. He also repeatedly reported using CBD as a remedy for anxiety and accumulating stress throughout his career. Tom Hanks shared a story of starting with antidepressants that doctors prescribed to him in an effort to restore his well-being. Still, he didn’t like the effects and decided to avoid antidepressant addiction. He regards the choice of CBD as a more sustainable one, as it gives him stress, pain, and anxiety relief without addiction or intoxication. 

#9 Michael J. Fox 

Michael J. Fox, a legendary Hollywood celebrity who started a career in the 1970s, has been a role model for several generations of actors. Thus, his diagnosis of early Parkinson’s disease’s onset publicized in 2000 was shocking news for everyone. Fox founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation to finance Parkinson’s disease research, and one of this foundation’s key aspects of activity is exploring the use of CBD in Parkinson’s treatment. Michael uses CBD himself and advocates its use in Parkinson’s disease management as a powerful antioxidant with many therapeutic benefits for the human brain. 

#10 Mandy Moore 

Mandy Moore is a star of This Is Us who reports using CBD oil and CBD-infused creams to treat her feet, which get tense after walking long hours in high heels. She recommends CBD treatments for all women walking the red carpets and needing to spend much time in uncomfortable yet strikingly beautiful shoes. For Mandy, the secret combo of CBD creams is the ability to deliver potent relief and comfort to one’s feet without even the slightest trace of intoxication. 

Time to Follow the Lead 

As you can see, many celebs are open about their use of CBD; many talk about these products on their Instagram accounts and mention CBD remedies in official interviews. Thus, it’s probably the time to follow the lead and try the CBD products your icons use for pain and stress relief, feeling the same non-addictive and healthy effect for your unique issues. 

The author of this article is Tia Moskalenko, a cannabis researcher and blogger at AskGrowers. Tia watches many celebrities closely and highlights their CBD use reports in her blogs to show that CBD is a publicly accepted remedy without legal or ethical limitations. She is passionate about making CBD products more accessible to larger categories of consumers for better health issue management and improvement of public health. 

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