Dubbed by many as the “Instagram King”, Dan Bilzerian is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and controversial public figures today. Known for his lavish lifestyle and womanizing, Bilzerian’s name was all over the internet once again for his unexpected behavior. Only this time, News18.com reports that Bilzerian went viral for getting hitched. Naturally, while this news promoted congratulatory messages, Bilzerian’s surprising viral marriage news prompted many to wonder just who this bold millionaire really is.

NameDan Bilzerian
Net Worth$200 million
Date of birthDecember 7, 1980
Place of birthTampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A.
NationalityUnited States
Source of WealthEntrepreneurs
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight78 Kg (171 lbs)
Last Updated2024


Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Hailing from Tampa, Dan Bilzerian is the son of Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian. An Armenian-American heir, the younger Bilzerian spent his days in relative luxury thanks to his wealthy father. A fun-lover since his youth, Bilzerian attended several schools though it is not known whether he graduated from any of them.

One of his most notable educational forays was when he enrolled at the University of Florida. There, he majored in Business and Criminology. In his adulthood, Bilzerian spent most of his time living in mansions and traveling. Until mid-2020, he lived in a 31,000-square foot mansion in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth & Career

Although he’s not been especially active in professional poker circles in several years, Bilzerian credits the card game with much of his wealth. Bilzerian is presently ranked third in Poker.org’s richest poker players list with his net worth estimated to be at around $200 million. According to Bilzerian, he has made hundreds of millions from playing super high roller poker games. That said, most people doubt the veracity of this claim. Instead, many believe that while Bilzerian may be very wealthy, this fortune is an inheritance from his father.

Regardless of how he acquired his money, though, what’s certain is that Bilzerian has a lot of money to burn. When he’s not spending it on his expensive lifestyle, he uses a big chunk of cash on his business ventures. Just last year, Bilzerian announced his entry into the tobacco industry. This was following a failed CBD enterprise that resulted in a $50 million loss. Away from the entrepreneurial front, Bilzerian also makes a lot of money on media image. While his controversial memoir was shelved due to “offensive content”, he still makes a ton of revenue from social media. On Instagram, Bilzerian has over 33 million followers. Although he’s never shared the exact amount he makes online, considering that his posts get several hundreds of thousands of likes, it’s likely a decent number.

Dan Bilzerian Personal Life

While the most recent Bilzerian news (the aforementioned wedding) was a surprisingly wholesome and pleasant update, the playboy has had his fair share of controversy. Much like Dennis Rodman who was the NBA’s “bad boy”, Bilzerian has gotten into trouble due to his partying ways. A few years ago, Bilzerian was sued for allegedly kicking another woman in a club. Another time, he was accused of spending investors’ money to fund his yachts and get-togethers. During the Trump administration, Bilzerian was also a very staunch conservative republican. In the past, he’s made inflammatory remarks that even hinted at his interest in higher office.

Love him or hate him, Dan Bilzerian has a lifestyle many would love. Surrounded by beautiful women, fast cars, and lots of money, Bilzerian is definitely living a high life.

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