Dave Portnoy Net Worth
Dave Portnoy Net Worth

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NameDave Portnoy
Net Worth$120 Million
Date of birthMarch 22, 1977
Place of birthSwampscott, Massachusetts
Height6 feet 2 inches
Last Updated2024

Who is David Portnoy?

Dave Portnoy is one of the most successful American internet celebrities. He is a Renowned blogger and the founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports. Dave Portnoy’s Net Worth is estimated to be $120 Million according to 2024 update.

Dave Portnoy Net Worth & Professional Career( Barstool Sports Creation)

Portnoy relocated to Boston after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1999 and starting work at the IT market research firm Yankee Group.

In 2003, Portnoy departed the Yankee Group four years later to start Barstool Sports. In its earliest form, Portnoy distributed a four-page sports newspaper called Barstool on Boston’s subways and street corners.

The paper’s target audience was young men, and it actively eschewed PC values. Offshore gambling sites like PartyPoker.com, unlicensed to operate in the United States, were among the paper’s earliest advertisers.

To begin with, Portnoy was the only contributor to the newspaper’s content; however, other authors, such as Todd McShay, soon joined the staff. Although the journal had a slow start, it took off in 2004 when Portnoy began featuring bikini-clad ladies on the main page. Barstool added a blog in 2007.

During his time with Barstool Sports, Portnoy developed the identity of “El Presidente,” an unfiltered and forthright figure. The magazine he wrote for became an institution of the bro culture because of how well-accepted his work was among young guys.

He has gained notoriety for his brazen and disrespectful behavior and has been called out for offensive comments he made about women and others on his blog.

In 2010, Portnoy joked about rape, claiming, “if you’re a size 6 and you’re wearing skinny jeans, you kind of deserve to be raped, right?” When confronted about his usage of the N-word in a 2016 Barstool video, Portnoy ultimately offered an apology.

The work of Peter Chernin On January 7, 2016, the Chernin Group announced that they had acquired a controlling interest in Barstool and that the company’s headquarters would be relocating to New York City.

Penn National Gaming paid $163 million ($135 million in cash plus $28 million in Penn non-voting convertible preferred stock) to Barstool Sports’ founding team in 2020 to acquire a 36% stake in the company. 

The Chernin Group still owns 36% of the business after the sale, but Portnoy is in charge of the website and has an editorial say over its content.

Davey’s One Bite Pageviews is a web series that Portnoy produced, in which he gives his opinions on pizza joints worldwide. 

In 2017, Portnoy began his quest to rate and write about every pizza shop in the Big Apple. Aside from Portnoy, celebrities and athletes frequently make cameo appearances in his videos. The Famous American Internet Celebrity Dave Portnoy’s Net Worth is estimated to be $120 Million as of the 2024 update.

Dave Portnoy Biography & Education

Dave Portnoy was given birth to on March 22, 1977, in Swampscott, Massachusetts, United States.

Reports have it that the famous Todd McShay of ESPN was one of his classmates at Swampscott High School, where he attended high school.

In 1995, he enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he eventually earned a degree in education. Portnoy established thegamblingman.com as a student at Michigan, where he posted his sports betting predictions. Dave Portnoy’s Net Worth is Estimated to be $120 Million according to the 2024 update

How much is Dave Portnoy’s Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

According to our research on Networth202.com, we found out that the famous American Internet Celebrity “Dave Portnoy” has an estimated net worth of $120 million as of the 2024 update.

How did Dave Portnoy make his Money?

The question of how Dave Portnoy has garnered his wealth has been frequently asked in Media. He makes most of his money from his profession as a blogger. He also makes money from his business.

Dave Portnoy Political Controversies & Advocacy

Dave Portnoy is Socially liberal yet fiscally conservative. Portnoy argued against the COVID-19 quarantine, asking, “When did this become…’ flatten the curve’ to ‘we have to discover a cure or everyone is going to die?'”

The following is an excerpt from a blog post written by Portnoy in 2015: “I plan on voting for Donald Trump. Please don’t bother telling me he’s a joke; I don’t care. In my opinion, it makes no difference if he is a racist or not. Whether or if he is sexist is of no concern to me.

Honestly, I couldn’t give a hoot about any of it. To both his continued participation and eventual victory, my best wishes. Why? I enjoy watching other politicians flinch under his leadership. I like that he says absurd things that nobody else would think of saying.”

In 2022, though, he warned that voters should be wary of supporting Republicans because of the “dangerous” Supreme Court justices the party is likely to nominate. If Joe Biden runs against Trump in 2024, he will vote for him.

Portnoy was not a fan of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

Quote from Portnoy “All I can say is that this is craziness, pure and simple. We’re regressing through history. We are traveling through time in reverse. Why anyone would presume to dictate a woman’s bodily autonomy is beyond me.”

After Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston stepped down in 2013, Portnoy ran for mayor and ultimately failed. Portnoy considered himself a libertarian during the campaign.

Despite having almost $17,000 donated to his campaign, he could not meet the signature threshold necessary to be placed on the ballot.

Dave Portnoy Sexual Accusations, Lawsuits & Legal Issues

In December 2019, a sex tape of Portnoy’s was released online. An SEC tax lien for $11,795 was filed against Portnoy in January 2020.

Portnoy has been arrested twice in connection with the NFL; the first time was on May 12, 2015, when he and three Barstool employees handcuffed each other on the floor of NFL headquarters to protest Deflate-gate.

The second time was in 2019 during Super Bowl LIII when he was placed in a holding cell at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. In the second, he wasn’t allowed into the game because he’d made bogus passes the day before to get into a press gathering.

Business Insider published an expose in November 2021 claiming that Portnoy had filmed himself having sexual encounters with three underage women while being belligerent and aggressive toward them.

One of these ladies had a rib fracture from intercourse with Portnoy, which he admitted to. He admitted to being the one who caused the wounds but claimed that the sexual encounter had been voluntary.

Portnoy referred to the report as a “hit piece” and said that Business Insider spent eight months investigating him for misconduct.

A second Business Insider story detailing young women’s experiences with sexual assault and harassment was published in early February 2022.

Portnoy declared a lawsuit against the publication once these fresh charges surfaced. In November of 2022, a federal judge threw out the lawsuit.

How old is Dave Portnoy? Height and Weight

The popular American Blogger known professionally as Dave Portnoy is reportedly in his 40s. He stands pretty tall; after we studied his height, we found out he stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches. Similarly, our report also shows his weight is around 67Kg

Who is Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend? Is he married?

The Famous American Blogger, the founder of Barstool Sports, is reportedly in a relationship with a woman named Silvana Mojica. She is a professional model and marketer. The lovers are not yet married.

Is he alive or dead?

According to our research Networth202.com, he is still alive as of the 2024 update.

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  • He was born on March 22, 1977, in Swampscott, Massachusetts. 
  • He is the founder of the Sports blog, Barstool Sports
  • In 1999, he worked at the IT market research firm Yankee Group.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $120 Million as of the 2024 update.
  • In 2017, he began his quest to rate and write about every pizza shop in the Big Apple.

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