Erwin Bach Net Worth
Erwin Bach Net Worth

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Who is Erwin Bach & what is he known for?

Erwin Bach is that famous, successful and famous German music producer. He gained fame due to his romantic involvement with Tina Turner, the renowned singer.

There was a 16-year age difference between him and Tina. Erwin and Tina relocated to Switzerland in 1995. They got married in 2013, and as of 2021, they both became Swiss citizens.

The famous German music producer Erwin Bach Net Worth is Estimated to be $200 Million according to 2024.

Erwin Bach Career & Estimated Net Worth

After graduating from college, Erwin Bach began his career in the music industry, working as an executive and a producer. He used to be employed by EMI Germany as the managing director of a particular division.

He had a similar role where he was responsible for managing operations at EMI Recorded Music in Switzerland. Throughout his career as a music producer, he has had the opportunity to work closely with and contribute to the growth of legendary acts like Queen, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, and Lenny Kravitz.

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Erwin released the documentary “Tina” in 2021, where he has taken on the role of executive producer. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that in April 2018, he became director and producer for the highly anticipated world premiere of TINA: The Tina Turner Musical, held at London’s prestigious Aldwych Theatre.

The documentary premiered in New York City’s theatre district in November 2019. It received numerous accolades the following year, including 12 Tony Awards nominations, 2 Drama Desk Award nominations, 5 Outer Critics Circle, and 2 Drama League Award nominations.

Erwin has made appearances in two films, namely “Maldito amor: Demasiado Tarde” (1999) and “Tina Turner: One of the Living” (2020).

Additionally, he has held significant positions within the music industry, serving as a divisional managing director at EMI Germany and a managing director at EMI Recorded Music Switzerland.

To inform you of his Net worth, according to the latest update, Forbes made it known that the famous German music producer Erwin Bach Net Worth is estimated to be $200 Million in 2024.

Erwin Bach Biography, Family & Early Life

The famous German music producer Erwin Bach was born on January 24, 1956, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne, Germany.

Also, Bach belongs to the European ethnicity, although he does not give much information about his past life, parents, and academic background. This makes us wonder how well-educated he is.

According to research, Erwin Bach Net Worth Today is Estimated to be $200 Million as of 2024.

How much is Erwin Bach Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

The successful producer and the husband of the famous singer Tina Turner “Erwin Bach,” is known to be quite rich.

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He made his money basically through his music production career but was also involved in other business ventures, which made him impossible not to be noticed

According to Forbes, Erwin Bach Net Worth in 2024 is estimated to be $200 Million. You must know that this sum is calculated not only on his income as a music producer but all of his income as an individual.

How did Erwin Bach make his Money?

The famous German music producer Erwin Bach is one of the most notable music producers not because of his relationship with Tina Turner alone but because of his wealth. That brings the question of how he made his “money?”.

Apart from being a producer, Bach ventured into other businesses like real estate and others, which made him what he is today. The man is said to be rich and decent, among others.

We are now to tell you that Erwin Bach Net Worth today is now over $200 Million, according to Forbes Update.

How old is Erwin Bach? Height and Weight

Erwin Bach, the prominent and successful German Celebrity, is said to be 67 years old as of 2024 update. You should know that the actor was born on January 24, 1956.

He wasn’t known to be a man of much muscle, but he was fit to stand his ground real well.

After measurement, Erwin Bach Height is reported to be 5 feet 8, while his weight is said to be 65 kg. Erwin Bach Net Worth is estimated to be $200 Million, according to the latest update.

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Who is Erwin Bach Wife? Is he divorced?

The famous German music producer Erwin Bach is in a relationship with Tina Turner.

He is 30 years old, while Turner was 46 when they met, and regardless of their 16-year age difference, they love each other and live happily.

Unfortunately, Tina Turner dies of natural causes at the age of 83.

Erwin Bach Personal Life and how he met with his wife, Tina Turner

Erwin had the opportunity to meet Tina Turner at a German airport in 1985. This happened when he was working as a record executive. After enduring years of abuse from Ike Turner, Tina Turner’s career was finally starting to regain momentum.

However, her divorce and the subsequent settlement devastated her finances, almost completely depleting her net worth and possessions.

According to reports, Tina made the courageous decision to leave her abusive husband, taking with her only 36 cents and a Mobil petrol card.

In Tina’s upcoming memoir, “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good,” she shares her experience meeting Erwin. This record label representative was sent to the airport to meet her. Tina describes feeling an immediate emotional connection with him.

Erwin and Tina began dating the following year. After 27 years together, they had a private ceremony in July 2013. At that time, Erwin was 57, and Tina was 73.

They officially got married. After a few days, they organized a party at their lakeside property in Küsnacht, Switzerland.

The event was attended by 120 guests, including Oprah Winfrey and David Bowie. Bach and Turner, who had just gotten married, wasted no time and embarked on their vacation in Italy.

Tina experienced a stroke just three weeks after her wedding, which led to her needing to learn how to walk again. In 2016, she received the news that she had colon cancer.

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Erwin maintained her positive attitude and exuded confidence, optimism, and a zest for life. Turner decided to forgo traditional cancer treatment and instead opted for homeopathy.

Unfortunately, this choice resulted in her condition worsening. However, when she learned that one of her kidneys was failing, Bach selflessly offered to donate his kidney to her.

In April 2017, Tina received a life-saving gift from her husband Erwin – one of his kidneys.

In her memoir, she expresses her gratitude and joy for her improved health and her ability to enjoy each day, thanks to her beloved husband fully.

Tina Turner, at 83, passed away on May 24, 2023.

Is he dead or alive?

According to our research, Erwin Bach is still alive as of the 2024

Erwin Batch Interview at Tina Turner funeral


  • He was born on January 24, 1956, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne, Germany.
  • He is a famous and Successful German music producer
  • He released the documentary “Tina” in 2021
  • He is in a romantic relationship with the famous singer Tina Turner who died at the age of 83 in 2023
  • His net worth is estimated to be $200 Million as of the 2024 update.

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