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Pressa is a Canadian rapper who has risen to fame in recent years. He is known for his catchy melodies and his introspective lyrics. But how did Pressa get his name?

The origin of Pressa’s name is actually quite simple. His real name is Quinton Gardner, and he got his nickname “Pressa” from his father. Pressa’s father used to call him “Pressa” because he was always pressing him to do his homework and chores.

The meaning of Pressa’s name is also quite simple. It is a shortened version of the word “pressure.” Pressa has said that he likes the name because it reflects his personality. He is a driven and ambitious person, and he is always pushing himself to be the best that he can be.

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Pressa’s name and his music are closely linked. His music often deals with themes of pressure, ambition, and success. He is a rapper who is not afraid to put himself out there, and he is always striving to achieve his goals.


Pressa’s name is a simple one, but it is also a meaningful one. It reflects his personality and his music. Pressa is a rising star in the rap game, and his name is sure to be one that people remember for years to come.

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