Lamor Whitehead Net Worth
Lamor Whitehead Net Worth

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NameLamor Whitehead
Net Worth$2 Million
Date of birthApril 30, 1978
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, U.S.
Source of WealthBusinessman
Height6 ft 1
Weight80 KG
Last Updated2023

Who is Lamor Whitehead & what is he known for?

Lamor Whitehead is a famous and Successful American bishop, businessman, and convicted felon Lamor. He is also well-known for his strong friendship with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and lavish lifestyle.

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According to the report, he founded the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in March 2014.

One of the most successful American Bishops, Lamor Whitehead, Net Worth is Estimated to be $2 Million, according to Forbes Update.

Lamor Whitehead Biography, Family & Early Life

Lamor was born in the year 1978. He was 12 years old at the time of his father’s death. Arthur, his father, had four children aged eight to sixteen at his death. 

Whitehead earned athletic scholarship offers from Shaw University and Farmingdale University after graduating from high school. They eventually attended Eastern New Mexico University to study accounting and videography. When he returned to New York, he became a mortgage broker.

Whitehead then went on to study at the New York Theological Seminary. He completed his studies and received a Ministry in Human Services diploma from the Theological Institution of Rising Hope Inc., certified by Nyack College. He is a licensed Chaplain in New York and is authorized to officiate at weddings and funerals.

According to research, Lamor Whitehead’s Net Worth Today is Estimated at $2 Million.

Lamor Whitehead Career & Businesses

Whitehead has a lavish mansion in the New Jersey town of Paramus. The house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and is 9,000 square feet in size.

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Lamor Whitehead paid $1.64 million for the house in 2019, and by 2022, it was the most valuable home on the market in town, selling for $2.99 million.

Whitehead’s company, Whitehead Estates LLC, bought several apartment buildings in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2021. To finance the acquisition, he took out a $4.15 million mortgage and, in February 2022, borrowed an extra $500,000, bringing his total debt to $4.5 million.

Lamor Whitehead Legal Issues & Controversy

In 2004, police in Suffolk County, New York, received nine reports of identity theft involving the purchase of Range Rovers. Whitehead, who had previously shared an address with the arrested suspect, was assigned to the newly formed Identity Theft Investigation Unit.

The following year, when Whitehead needed money, he turned to conductor Maximo Bragado-Darman and his son, Julio Bragado-Young, for a personal loan of $200,000.

According to the complaint, Whitehead promised to repay the $25,000 debt in one month. Bragado-Darman filed a $306,000 lawsuit against Whitehead in 2008 after he failed to make payments. Whitehead is still legally liable to pay Bragado-Daman $260,000 as of 2022.

Later in 2005, Whitehead relocated to Teaneck, New Jersey. After receiving a criminal complaint, Port Authority Police in Upper Manhattan pulled him over in his maroon Range Rover.

Authorities discovered after Whitehead’s arrest that he had used stolen identities to get over $2 million in loans and numerous vehicles.

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Over 50 persons were discovered deceased in states ranging from Tennessee to Georgia to New York. Whitehead was convicted of seven counts of identity theft in 2008. He was released from Sing Sing Correctional Facility five years later, in 2013.

In 2006, Whitehead declared bankruptcy on his assets.

Lamor Whitehead Lawsuit Controversy

In 2021, a member of Whitehead’s old congregation filed a lawsuit against him in New York, claiming he had scammed her out of $90,000.

The complaint alleges that in exchange for an investment of $90,000, Whitehead promised to help Pauline Anderson improve her credit score and buy and renovate a home in November 2020. Whitehead further assured Anderson that he would pay him back in full and an additional $100 monthly until the renovations were finished.

Anderson also alleges Whitehead texted her in May 2021, saying the money was a political contribution rather than an investment and that Whitehead had no need to reimburse the money.

Whitehead has repeatedly rejected the allegations, and the case is still pending.

How much is Lamor Whitehead Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

The successful and prominent American Bishop “Lamor Whitehead” who founded the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches, is said to be a millionaire

According to Forbes, Lamor Whitehead’s Net Worth in 2024 is estimated to be $2 Million. You must know that this sum is calculated not only on his income as a businessman but all his income as an individual.

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How old is Lamor Whitehead? Height and Weight

Lamor Whitehead, the prominent American bishop, is said to be 45 years old as of 2024 update. You should know that the man was born on April 30, 1978.

After measurement, Lamor Whitehead Height is reported to be 6 feet 1, while his weight is said to be 80Kg. Lamor Whitehead Net Worth is estimated to be $2 Million according to latest update.

Is Lamor Whitehead dead or alive?

According to our research at, the American Bishop is reported to be alive as of 2024 Update.

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  • He was born on April 30, 1978, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S..
  • He is a famous and Successful American Bishop and Businessman
  • He founded the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in March 2014
  • His net worth is estimated to be $2 Million as of the 2024 update.

He has over 1 Million Instagram Followers and over 500K Twitter Followers



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