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We frequently discuss how well-known internet celebrities became famous, including how some had to work hard to get famous. However, it’s only sometimes the case, and some renowned people had the good fortune to become famous from birth; this Man was a legend in the Comedy World, so his rise to fame isn’t surprising.

We will also answer all your questions like: how old is he? Where does he live? How tall is he? Where is he now? How did he earn his net worth? Is he still alive or dead? What is Paul Mooney’s Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes? And more answers to all your unanswered questions with lots of interesting facts about him.

NamePaul Mooney
Net Worth$500K
Date of birthAugust 4, 1941
Place of birthShreveport, Louisiana, United States
Last Updated2024

Who is Paul Mooney?

Paul Mooney was an American comedian, writer, and actor better known for his stage name. The television shows Sanford and Son, In Living Color, Chappelle’s Show, and his writing for comedian Richard Pryor are some of his most notable credits.

He is also well-known for acting as singer Sam Cooke in The Buddy Holly Story (1978), Junebug in Spike Lee’s satirical film Bamboozled (2000), and Negrodamus on Chappelle’s Show. Paul Mooney’s Net Worth is calculated to be $500K according to 2024 update.

Paul Mooney Net Worth & Career

Mooney joined the Gatti-Charles Circus as a ringmaster. He frequently found himself writing comedy and cracking jokes while serving as ringmaster, which helped Mooney gain his first job as a writer for Richard Pryor later.

Mooney co-wrote Pryor’s material for the albums Live on the Sunset Strip, Bicentennial Nigger, and Is It Something I Said, as well as the comedy Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling. She also contributed to some of his routines for Saturday Night Live appearances.

Many aspiring comics got their big break in the entertainment industry thanks to him as The Richard Pryor Show’s chief writer, including Robin Williams, Sandra Bernhard, Marsha Warfield, John Witherspoon, and Tim Reid.

Along with acting in several cult classics like Which Way Is Up?, Bustin’ Loose, and the cult satirical comedy Hollywood Shuffle, Mooney also contributed writing to Redd Foxx’s Sanford and Son and Good Times. He also played singer-songwriter Sam Cooke in The Buddy Holly Story.

He served as the show’s chief writer for the first season on Fox, and his work served as the model for Damon Wayans’ portrayal of Homey D. Clown. In the Spike Lee movie Bamboozled, Mooney later portrayed Wayans’ father as the comic Junebug.

On Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, Mooney first appeared in the segments “Ask a Black Dude” and “Mooney at the Movies.” Later, he appeared as the African American counterpart of Nostradamus, Negrodamus. The “solutions to life’s most inexplicable puzzles,” including “Why do white people adore Wayne Brady?” were improvised by Mooney as Negrodamus.

Because Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel resemble Malcolm X (response), before Dave Chappelle quit the Chappelle’s Show due to creative and contractual issues, Mooney had planned to reprise his role as Negrodamus in the third season.

Mooney presided over the BET 25 Most Shameful Moments in Black History tribute program in 2006. In this program, he recounted some of the most despicable instances affecting African Americans since 1980. Representatives featuring Marion Barry, Terrell Owens, Wilson Goode, Michael Jackson, Flavor Flav, Whitney Houston, and Tupac Shakur were among the top 25 occasions.

Mooney published his autobiography Black Was the New White as his debut book in 2007. Paul’s brother revealed that Mooney had prostate cancer in November 2014. Mooney kept doing his stand-up comedy act on the road. The Famous American Comedian’s Net Worth was estimated to be $500K as of the 2024 update.

Paul Mooney Biography & Education

Mooney went to Oakland, California, seven years after moving from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he was born in 1941. George Gladney and LaVoya Ealy were his parents.

Mooney was mostly nurtured by his grandmother Almay Ealy, often referred to as “Mama” by the family. Paul Muni, who played the title role in the original Scarface (1932), inspired Gladney’s moniker “Mooney.” His Net Worth is Estimated to be $500K according to the 2024 update

According to Forbes, how much is Paul Mooney’s Net worth as of 2024?

The late American Comedian, Known as Paul Mooney, had an estimated net worth of $500K as of the 2024 update, according to our research on

Paul Mooney’s Wife, Children & Family

Rashon Khan, Richard Pryor’s former bodyguard, said that Mooney had assaulted Richard Pryor Jr… At the same time, he was a child in an interview with Comedy Hype in August 2019. Khan further claimed that Pryor had stated a desire to kill Mooney in a murder-for-hire scheme over this incident and that his 1980 fire mishap was the only thing that stopped him from doing so.

Richard Pryor Jr. acknowledged being raped but did not specifically name Mooney as the accused perpetrator. Paul Mooney’s Net Worth was estimated to be around $500K by the time of his death, according to Forbes 2024 update.

Paul Mooney Death

The American Legendary Comedian and Actor “Paul Mooney” passed away after a heart attack at his Oakland, California, home on May 19, 2021, at just 79 Years Old. By his death, his Net Worth was estimated to be $500K.

Paul Mooney Controversies & Awards

At the 2005 BET Comedy Awards in September, Mooney gave a performance known as the “Nigga Wake Up Call Award,” in which he sarcastically gave awards to African American celebrities who tried to blend in with Caucasians but failed because they still saw themselves as “niggas.”

Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Lil’ Kim, and Diana Ross were among the “nominees.” Ross’s DUI arrest from 2002 was acknowledged by Mooney, who also made multiple jokes about it.

Attendees said that Mooney also made fun of Ross’ ex-husband Arne Naess Jr., who died in 2004 after falling while mountain climbing. Ross’s daughter Tracee Ellis Ross, Nss’s stepdaughter, was also present. Paul Mooney’s Net Worth was estimated to be $500K as of the latest report.

Is he alive or dead?

According to our research, he is still alive as of the 2024 update.

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  • He was born on August 4, 1941, in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States. 
  • His real name is “Paul Gladney.”
  • He served as the show’s chief writer for the first season on Fox.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $500K as of the 2024 update.
  • He is one of the most remarkable black Stand Up comedians in the history of America.
  • He died of Heart Attack on May 19, 2021. 

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