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We will answer all your questions regarding her, like: how old is she? Where does she live? How tall is she? Where is she now? How did she earn her net worth? Is she still alive or dead? How much is Seraphina Watts Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes? And more answers to all your unanswered questions with lots of interesting facts about her.

NameSeraphina Watts
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of birthMarch 18, 1968
Place of birthUnited States Of America
Height5 feet 7 inches
Last Updated2024

Who is Seraphina Watts?

Seraphina Watts is the only daughter of the famous English Legendary Drummer Charlie Watts. Her father played for the Rolling Stones band, which is known to be among the greatest bands of this generation. Seraphina was the only child of Charlie Watts and his wife, Shirley. Seraphina Watt’s Net Worth is calculated to be $5 Million according to 2024 Update.

Who is Seraphina Watt’s Father?; His Legacy

Seraphina Watts father, Charlie Watts, joined the band Blues Incorporated at a young age despite having been schooled as a graphic artist. In addition, he began his drumming career in London’s rhythm and blues clubs, where he would later meet future Rolling Stones band mates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones.

After leaving Blues Incorporated in January 1963, he joined the Rolling Stones as their drummer and art director for album covers and concert sets. It was in February of 1963 when Watts first made an appearance as a full-time member, and he stayed with the band for the next 58 years.

Watts, whose style was heavily influenced by jazz, was given the nickname “The Wembley Whammer” by Jagger. Watts, Jagger, and Richards were the only band members to have appeared on every single one of the Rolling Stones’ albums before Watts’ death.

In addition to his work with the Rolling Stones, Watts led his band, the Charlie Watts Quintet, and performed at London’s Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

Watts entered the Hall of Fame himself in 1989. He joined the Rolling Stones in the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004. Many people consider him to be the best drummer in history.

Seraphina Watts Biography & Education

Charlie Watts, her father, a legendary English drummer, wed Shirley Ann Shepherd, her mother, in 1964. Throughout their marriage, Charlie remained devoted to his wife, and the couple gave birth to her on March 18, 1968

Talking about her education, She was reportedly kicked out of her boarding school after discovering that she was using marijuana. It’s unclear if Seraphina pursued further education further or where she finished it.

 Her father’s battle with drugs and alcohol caused some difficulties for her parents at one point, but they happily worked it out. Seraphina Watts Net Worth is Estimated to be $5 Million according to the 2024 Update

How much is Seraphina Watts Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

According to our research on, we found out that the only daughter of Charlie Watts “Seraphina Watts” has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of the 2024 Update.

How did Seraphina Watts make her Money?

The question of how Seraphina Watts has garnered her wealth has been frequently asked in Media. She makes most of her money from her father’s Inheritance, as her father is said to be very rich and famous, having been a legendary English Drummer. 

Seraphina Watts Net Worth & Career; What does she do?

According to our report, we found out that the only daughter of Charlie Watts is into nothing. However, another report shows she might be into something she kept inclusive only to herself. Seraphina Watts Net Worth is estimated to be $5 Million despite not having any Profession.

Seraphina Watts Husband, Daughter, and Family

Seraphina Watts was married to a lawyer by the name of Nick. They had a daughter named Charlotte, who would grow up to be Charles Watts’ lone granddaughter, along with Nick. But over time, Seraphina and Nick’s marriage deteriorate, and eventually, they divorce. Seraphina eventually began dating Barry Catmur, though it is unclear when exactly she did so.

They decided to get married as their relationship grew more serious, and they currently reside in Barry’s farmhouse in Rhode Island, which is said to be worth $1.5 million.

Charlotte, the grown-up daughter of Seraphina, appears to enjoy the limelight, unlike her mother, and is currently working as a model. By posing for the UK magazine HELLO! Fashion Monthly, she has already earned Money.

 She has worked as a model designer for numerous companies, including Christopher Kane and Topshop.

At 80, her father, Charlie Watts, passed away on August 24, 2021. Charlie left a lasting legacy as a true rockstar and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the best drummers of this generation.

According to a news release, he passed away quietly in a London hospital. Although Seraphina was undoubtedly devastated by the news, she can be proud that her father lived life to the fullest and inspired a generation of rock musicians by being a member of the Rolling Stones.

How old is Seraphina Watts? Height and Weight

The famous daughter of Charlie Watts, known as Seraphina Watts, is reportedly in her 50s. She stands pretty tall. After we studied her height, we found out she stands at 5 feet 7 inches. Similarly, our report also shows her weight is around 60Kg

Is she alive or dead?

According to our research, she is still alive as of the 2024 Update. 

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  • She was born on March 18, 1968, in the United States Of America. 
  • She was given birth to the name “Seraphina Watts.”
  • She is widely known to be the daughter of that famous English Legendary Drummer, Charlie Watts
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $5 Million as of the 2024 Update.
  • She is the mother of the famous American Model Charlotte Watts.. 

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