Stokes Twins Net Worth
Stokes Twins Net Worth

The Stokes twins are among the best YouTubers who have successfully made millions of dollars through a simple channel with millions of subscribers. Based in the USA, the twins initiated their channel in 2008 and have been successful, with nearly 15.1 million subscribers in their bag. 

People often wonder about their earnings. It has become a common question searched on the internet. While most people have impeccable knowledge of these twins, many have limited knowledge of their estimates and net worth. So why don’t we take a look at their biography in detail? 



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The twins Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes are known as the Stokes twins. They were born on November 23rd, 1996, and are 26 years old. They now live in California in their mansion. 

Most people consider them twins. The Stokes are triplets with a younger sister named Allison Stokes. 


Even though the Stokes twins currently look like proper citizens of the USA, they come from a mixed lineage of China and America. They were initially born in China and have now settled in the USA. 

The twins own a primary channel called The Stokes Twin, with another secondary channel named ‘Stokes Twin too.’ The new channel will also flourish with millions of subscribers. The twins also have a mass of followers in Tiktok. 

Who Is Older?

We’ve already mentioned that the Stokes twins are a triplet with a sister. Among them, Alan stokes is the firstborn, followed by Alex and Allison in the respective order. 

The time difference between Alan and Alex is just 2 minutes. All the triplets were born in November and belonged to Sagittarius.

Do The Stokes Twins Have A Girlfriend? 

Both twins claim to be single. But Alan Stokes is an orphan linked to their fellow creator Kathleen Hixson. Similarly, Alex Stokes got rumored with the influencer Leslie Contreras. 

The twins have not opened up anything about their relationship to the public. So only time will tell you about their relationship status — whether they’re single or not. 

Here’s one more exciting thing: the twins are well known for their pranks that involve prank calling and other fun stuff that has gained attention among the general audience. 

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How Much did Stokes Twins House Cost?

As we have seen above, the family currently resides in a beautiful mansion in California, which costs nearly 9.3 million dollars. The famous YouTubers got the house with a significant discount. 

The house was initially priced at 13 million dollars which were higher when compared with the other neighboring mansions. 

The entire house spans an area of 1.83 acres. Despite the discount, the price of the whole property is higher than the other properties. 

How Much Do The Stokes Twins Earn A Month?

The twins own a YouTube channel with nearly 15 million subscribers based on the news obtained. The twins earn up to 641,000 dollars per month. 

Their annual income is 7.7 million dollars, and their income is expected to improve with the additional channel going on in the upcoming year. As per the recent survey, it has been found that the twins have a combined net worth of nearly 32.2 million dollars. 

They recorded their initial videos separately. Now, they are producing combined videos. 

Along with the YouTube videos, the twins also have a separate business that sells their online merchandise through They sell many items ranging from T-shirts to sweatpants that have improved net worth this year. 

The twins have spent time on many cars and other luxurious items. The twins are uploading their videos to their channel and have stopped working in real life. Fans are hoping for a joint first in the future with Brent Rivera.


These twins have managed to earn a lot of reputation at a very young age. Despite some controversies and arrests, the twins have gained immense popularity among the general population due to their unique videos and live concepts. 

Their story inspires many YouTubers and new business people looking forward to venturing and succeeding in digital media with appropriate content.

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