The film and television industry is vital in redefining how society perceives anything, sexuality included. Films and TV shows are perfect belief-changing tools for the masses.

And that’s good because they make us evolve, especially in accepting others.

Bisexuality, for instance, has emerged from the shadows, championed by celebrities. They use their personal experiences and public image to serve as beacons of change.

Celebrities Help to Understand Bisexuality

Bisexuality is complex and diverse. It encompasses individuals who feel romantic or sexual attraction to both their own gender and others. This orientation underscores that love isn’t tied to gender but is expansive, fluid, and boundless. Yet, there are many challenges bisexual people have to overcome. Some of the most common are: bisexual erasure, stereotypes (“bisexuality is a phase” or “bisexuals are promiscuous”), double discrimination (facing prejudice from both straight and gay circles).

As you can see, all those problems are related to the feeling of belonging. Or better to say, the lack of it. Single bi men and women who want to find casual partners are invisible on heterosexual dating sites. But on the open-minded, bisexual platform, getting a bi men hookup is much simpler. Why? Because other members understand bisexuality. There’s no discrimination. People don’t call other members promiscuous just because they like hookups.

That’s a big deal because bisexual people often feel as if no one understands them. Some start sinking into one of the worst states a human being can experience (not many can endure it) – social loneliness.

It’s a state in which a person is not alone but feels like they’re living in a different universe from everyone else. They don’t feel like they can share their problems with anyone. That makes them shell up and hide their feelings only to get a chance to feel like they belong somewhere, that someone wants to listen, that someone is embracing them for who they are.

Someone who’s never experienced the pain of being surrounded by people but still feels like the only human in the universe can’t understand that.

Yet, the four actors on this list probably get it. They’ve probably felt the dark claws of social loneliness on their souls. So they’re doing what they can to celebrate the spectrum of bisexuality.

Alan Cumming

This Scottish-American actor has so much talent that he could probably export it. Famous for his multifaceted roles in “The Good Wife”, and “X2 ”, and his Tony-winning performance in “Cabaret”, Cumming seamlessly jumps between stage and screen. An active advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, he’s been open about his attraction to both genders because he knows the struggle of bisexual people.

His 2014 memoir, “Not My Father’s Son“, shows that perfectly. Cumming’s openness about his sexuality and his advocacy work make him a trailblazer in both the entertainment and LGBTQ+ communities.

Tyler Blackburn

Rising to global stardom with “Pretty Little Liars”, Tyler Blackburn isn’t just another Hollywood face. As Caleb Rivers, he gave fans more than just heart-throbs; he delivered depth and raw energy.

But in 2019, Blackburn truly shook the stage.

Opening up about his bisexuality, he didn’t just talk; he bared his soul, challenging Tinseltown’s glittering façades and society’s rigid molds. With refreshing honesty, he shared his path to self-love.

Tyler’s audacity?

Proving that being genuine is the ultimate act of rebellion. Tyler showed that living under a mask isn’t how anyone should spend their life. And Tyler is a great advocate of that, so even if he never wins an Oscar, he’ll still be the favorite actor of many bisexual people.

François Arnaud

François Arnaud, grabbed attention with roles in “Blindspot” and “The Borgias”. Each character he portrays buzzes with intricacies, proving he’s the master of layered roles.

Yet, in 2020, François surprised some people with his open conversation about bisexuality.

Diving deep into sexuality, he questioned the confinements of labels. Arnaud basically covered all the common problems bisexual individuals face.

Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella, lighting up screens with “Younger” and “The Following” isn’t just versatile on-screen. Their roles are as diverse as their real-life advocacies. Passionate about sexual fluidity, Nico wears their bisexuality and non-binary identity with pride.

Their book “Space Between” is a bold invitation to understand the vast worlds of sexuality and gender.

If you read the book, you’ll see why RuPaul said, “Nico Tortorella embodies the twenty-first-century human.”

The intricate dynamics of bisexuality, combined with the nuances of societal acceptance, make it imperative for public figures to lead with authenticity.

Those who can relate to actors from this list see that it’s okay to be free, to be who they are. And those who might have been close-minded in the past might start changing their opinions about bisexuality if they see that famous bisexual people are just people, the same as they are.

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