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Dex Dexter was a recurring character in the original Dynasty television series. He was a charming and successful hedge fund manager who married Alexis Carrington, one of the show’s main characters. Dex’s time on the show was marked by drama and intrigue, and his death in the series finale was one of the most shocking moments of the show.

The Mystery of Dex Dexter’s Death

On the night of his death, Dex and Alexis were having dinner at the Carlton Hotel when they were suddenly attacked by a group of armed men. The men were trying to kidnap Alexis, but Dex fought them off and saved her life. However, during the struggle, Dex and Alexis fell from a balcony and were presumed dead.

The following day, Dex’s body was found, but Alexis’s body was never recovered. This led to speculation that Alexis might have survived the fall and was in hiding. However, the show’s creators never confirmed or denied this theory, and Dex Dexter’s fate remains a mystery.

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Was Dex Dexter Really Dead?

There are several theories about what happened to Dex Dexter on the night of his fall. Some fans believe that he was actually killed in the fall, while others believe that he survived and is living in hiding. There is also a theory that Dex Dexter was never real, and that he was just a figment of Alexis’s imagination.

The truth about Dex Dexter’s fate is likely to remain a mystery, but the speculation surrounding his death has only added to his appeal as a character. He is one of the most intriguing characters in the history of Dynasty, and his story is still being told today.

The Return of Dex Dexter in the CW Reboot

In 2022, Dex Dexter made a surprise return to Dynasty in the show’s fifth season. However, this time he was played by a different actor, Pej Vahdat. The new Dex Dexter is a much younger and more mysterious figure than the original Dex Dexter. He is also much more ruthless and ambitious, and he quickly becomes involved in a power struggle with Blake Carrington.

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It is still unclear what the future holds for the new Dex Dexter. He could be a villain, a hero, or something in between. However, one thing is for sure: he is a force to be reckoned with.


The story of Dex Dexter is one of mystery, intrigue, and suspense. He is a complex and fascinating character who has captured the imagination of fans for decades. Whether he is dead or alive, Dex Dexter is sure to continue to be a topic of discussion for years to come.

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