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OMB Peezy is currently signed to Empire Distribution. He signed to the label in 2017 after leaving Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment.

Who is OMB Peezy?

OMB Peezy is a rapper from Vallejo, California. He is known for his melodic flow and street-inspired lyrics. Peezy has released several mixtapes and albums, including “Loyalty Over Love” (2017), “Humble Beginnings” (2018), “Da Realest” (2019), and “Too Deep for Tears” (2021).

Early Life and Career

Peezy was born in Vallejo, California in 1996. He began rapping in high school and released his first mixtape in 2016. Peezy quickly gained a following for his raw and honest lyrics. In 2017, he signed to Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment.

Signing to Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment

Peezy’s signing to Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment was a major milestone in his career. The labels gave him the resources and support he needed to reach a wider audience. Peezy released several successful projects under the labels, including “Loyalty Over Love” and “Humble Beginnings.”

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Peezy’s Music Style and Influences

Peezy’s music style is a mix of melodic rap and trap. His lyrics are often about his life experiences, including the struggles he has faced growing up in Vallejo. Peezy’s music is also influenced by other Detroit rappers, such as Eminem and Royce da 5’9″.

Detroit Hip Hop

Peezy’s music is heavily influenced by Detroit hip hop. Detroit hip hop is known for its dark and gritty sound. Peezy’s lyrics are often about the violence and poverty that he has witnessed growing up in Vallejo.

Other Influences

Peezy is also influenced by other genres of music, such as R&B and gospel. He often incorporates elements of these genres into his music.

Peezy’s Success and Impact

Peezy has become one of the most popular rappers in the Bay Area. He has collaborated with several other successful artists, including Lil Durk, G-Eazy, and Mozzy. Peezy’s music has also been featured in several films and TV shows.

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Popular Songs and Albums

Some of Peezy’s most popular songs include “Lay Down,” “When I Was Down,” “2 Million Up,” and “Gangsta Cry.” His most popular albums include “Da Realest” and “Too Deep for Tears.”

Awards and Recognition

Peezy has won several awards for his music, including the Bay Area Music Award for Best New Artist in 2017. He has also been nominated for several other awards, including the BET Award for Best New Artist in 2019.

Future Plans

Peezy is currently working on his new album. He is also planning to tour in 2023.

Peezy’s Label Situation

Signing to Empire Distribution

Peezy signed to Empire Distribution in 2017. Empire Distribution is a major independent record label. The label is known for its artist-friendly deals and its focus on digital distribution.

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Current Label Status

Peezy is still signed to Empire Distribution. He is one of the label’s most successful artists.


OMB Peezy is a rising star in the rap game. He has a unique sound and a passionate following. Peezy’s music is honest and relatable, and it has resonated with fans all over the world.

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