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21 Savage is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and his signature look includes a dagger tattoo between his eyes. But what does the dagger tattoo mean, and why did 21 Savage get it?

The Meaning of the Dagger Tattoo

The dagger tattoo has a variety of meanings, but for 21 Savage, it is primarily a symbol of protection. In an interview with The Fader, 21 Savage said that the dagger tattoo represents “the power to protect myself and my loved ones.” The dagger is also a symbol of sacrifice, as it represents 21 Savage’s willingness to put himself in danger to protect others.

The Inspiration for the Dagger Tattoo

The inspiration for 21 Savage’s dagger tattoo came from the movie Scarface. In the movie, Tony Montana has a blade tattoo on his hand, and 21 Savage said that he was “inspired by Tony Montana’s strength and power.” 21 Savage’s brother Tayman was also a fan of Scarface, and he had a dagger tattoo on his face. After Tayman was killed, 21 Savage got a dagger tattoo on his face in his brother’s memory.

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The Controversy Surrounding the Dagger Tattoo

21 Savage’s dagger tattoo has been met with some controversy. Some people have criticized the tattoo as being too violent or as being a sign of gang affiliation. However, 21 Savage has said that the tattoo is not a sign of gang affiliation, and that he got it for personal reasons.

The Future of the Dagger Tattoo

It is unclear whether 21 Savage’s dagger tattoo will become a trend. However, face tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and it is possible that the dagger tattoo could become more common in the future.


The dagger tattoo is a personal and meaningful tattoo for 21 Savage. It is a symbol of protection, sacrifice, and brotherhood. The tattoo has also been met with some controversy, but 21 Savage has said that he is not bothered by the criticism. Only time will tell whether the dagger tattoo will become a trend, but it is sure to remain a part of 21 Savage’s unique and iconic look.

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