Attila The Hun Net Worth
Attila The Hun Net Worth

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And answer all your questions like: Was attila the hun in Mulan? Did he like magic?, Did he use elephants? Did he attack China? Did Attila the Hun conquer Rome? How much is Attila the Hun Net Worth in 2024 according to Forbes?. And more answers to all your unanswered questions with lots of interesting facts you will never want to miss about him

NameAttila the Hun
Net Worth$500 billion dollars in gold tributes
Place of birthN/A - died on March 453 AD
Place of birthHun
ProfessionHun ruler 434 - 453.
Last Updated2022

Who is Attila the Hun?

Attila, popularly known as Attila Hun, was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453. He was also the leader of a tribal empire made up of, among others, Huns, Ostrogoths, Alans, and Bulgarians in Central Europe. and oriental.

He was one of the most terrible enemies of the Roman Empire, East, and West. He crossed the Danube twice and plundered the Balkans, but failed to capture Constantinople. His unsuccessful expedition to Persia followed in 441 with an invasion of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), the success of which prompted Attila to invade the West.

He also attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (present-day France), crossing the Rhine in 451 and marching towards Aurelianum (Orleans) before being arrested in battle on the Catalan plains. He then invaded Italy, ravaging the northern provinces, but failed to capture Rome. He foresaw new campaigns against the Romans but died in 453. After Attila’s death, his close adviser Ardaric des Gepides led a Germanic revolt against Hungarian rule, after which the Hungarian empire quickly collapsed. He would live like a character from a heroic Germanic legend.

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Biography of Attila the Hun


Born in Pannonia, a province of the Roman Empire (present-day Transdanubia, Hungary), around 406, Attila Hun and his brother Bled were appointed co-rulers of the Huns in 434. After the assassination of his brother in 445, Attila became king of the 5th century Hun Empire and the only ruler of the Huns. Attila united the tribes of the Kingdom of the Huns and he was said to be a just ruler for his people. But Attila was both an aggressive and a ruthless leader. He extended the rule of the Huns to many Germanic tribes and attacked the Eastern Roman Empire in wars of extraction, ravaging countries from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and inciting fear throughout the Roman Empire.

Coming into Power of Attila the Hun

Attila and Bleda inherited the Hun Empire from Oktar and Ruga after their uncles died in 434. Octar was the king of the western wing of the Huns who extended the Empire to Germany and allegedly died of overeating. Ruga was the lord of the East who fought in the war against the Eastern Roman Empire, and allegedly died in a flash while attacking Thrace.

The empire inherited from Attila and Bled stretched from the Rhine region to the borders of Sassanid Iran in the Caucasus. Early in his reign, Attila allied himself with the western Roman general Aetius, who had previously been a hostage of the Huns. From 436 to 437, Attila and Aetius destroyed the Burgundian kingdom of modern Poland. Attila and Bleda would continue to provide military support to Aetius, allowing the Romans to quell threats of internal revolts and various Germanic tribes (French, Visigoths, and Burgundians).

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How much is Attila the Hun Net Worth 2021 (Forbes)

According to our research, we found out that Attila popularly called Attila the Hun has an estimated net worth of $500 billion dollars in gold tributes at the time of his death, in 453 AD.

Invasion of Gaul

Attila’s next great campaign was the invasion of Gaul in 451. He seems to have been on good terms with the Roman general Aetius, the true ruler of the West at the time, and his motives for entering Gaul have not been recorded. He declared that his goal in the West was the Kingdom of the Visigoths (a Germanic people who had conquered parts of two Roman empires) centered in Toulouse and that he had no disputes with the Western Emperor Valentinian III.

But in the spring of 450, Honoria, the emperor’s sister, sent Attila her ring asking him to save her from the marriage arranged for her. Attila then claimed for Honorius that his wife was looking for half of the western empire as a dowry.

When Attila had already entered Gaul, Aetius made an agreement with the Visigoth king, Theodoric I, to join forces to resist the Huns. Many legends surround the campaign that followed. However, it is certain that Attila almost succeeded in capturing Aurelianum (Orleans) before the arrival of the Allies. In fact, the Huns had already established themselves in the city when Aetius and Theodoric forced them to retreat.

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The decisive conflict was the battle on the Catalan plains or, according to some authorities, in Mauritius (the two places have not been identified). After fierce fighting, in which the Visigoth king died, Attila withdrew and soon after withdrew from Gaul. It was his first and only loss.

In 452, the Huns invaded Italy and plundered several cities, including Aquileia, Patavium (Padua), Verona, Brixia (Brescia), Bergomum (Bergamo), and Mediolanum (Milan); Aecije couldn’t stop them. But famine and plague in Italy that year forced the Huns to leave without crossing the Apennines. In 453, Attila intended to invade the Eastern Empire, where the new Martian emperor refused to pay subsidies agreed to by his predecessor Theodosius II. But during the night after their wedding, Attila died in his sleep.

Those who buried him and his treasure were later executed by the Huns as his grave would never be discovered. He was succeeded by his sons, who divided their empire among themselves. Prisco, who saw Attila when he visited his camp in 448, described him as a short, fat man with a large head, sunken eyes, a straight nose, and a thin beard.

According to historians, Attila was, though irritable, boastful, and creepy of temperament, a very persistent negotiator and by no means ruthless. When Prisco attended the banquet, he noticed that Attila was serving himself on wooden plates and eating only meat, while his top lieutenants dined on silver plates laden with goodies. No description of his general qualities survives, but successes before the invasion of Gaul show him that he was an outstanding commander.

Watch the History of Attila the Hun and the Fall of the Roman Empire


  • He was the ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453.
  • His successor are Successor Ellac, Dengizich, and Ernak.
  • He died in March 453 (aged 46–47).
  • He has an estimated net worth of $500 billion dollars in gold tributes at the time of his death, in 453 AD.
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Attila the Hun Quotes

If an incompetent chieftain is removed, seldom do we appoint his highest-ranking subordinate to his place – Attila the Hun. 

Chieftains must understand that the spirit of the law is greater than its letterAttila the Hun. 

For what fortress, what city, in the wide extent of the Roman empire, can hope to exist, secure and impregnable, if it is our pleasure that it should be erased from the earth? – Attila the Hun. 

It is unfortunate when final decisions are made by chieftains headquartered miles away from the front, where they can only guess at conditions and potentialities known only to the captain of the battlefield – Attila the Hun. 

Superficial goals lead to superficial results – Attila the Hun. 

Do not underestimate the power of an enemy, no matter how great or small, to rise against you another day – Attila the Hun. 

Never arbitrate. Arbitration allows a third party to determine your destiny. It is a resort of the weak – Attila the Hun. 

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