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Who is Boogie2988, and what is he famous for?

Steven Jay Williams, better known by his online moniker Boogie2988 or simply Boogie, is a Successful American YouTuber best known for his video rants about video games and nerd culture as the character “Francis.” Boogie2988 Net Worth today is to be $2 Million according to 2024 Update.

Boogie2988 Net Worth, YouTube Career & Controversy

Boogie2988 is a satirical character who frequently mocks video game news, fan reactions, and pop culture on his YouTube Channel

Williams, inspired by his childhood, has stated that he wants viewers to dislike the character because he conforms to stereotypical portrayals of gamers.

Boogie2988’s videos range in content from comedic rants to thoughtful analyses of topics such as the morality of sponsored content and his struggles with mental health. Boogie was named the Trending Gamer at this year’s Game Awards.

An unknown hacker temporarily deactivated Boogie’s account on the video-sharing platform YouTube in June 2016. While at VidCon, this person obtained his phone number from Verizon and used it to access his associated accounts, including his YouTube channel. His feed was restored a little more than a week later.

In October 2018, Boogie’s association with the contentious counseling service BetterHelp drew criticism. Boogie publicly ended his relationship with the service after he and other YouTubers it sponsored were accused of profiting from mental illness. LGBT activists were outraged when Boogie agreed to participate in a Dungeons & Dragons charity event later that month.

During an Apex Legends stream in February of that year, Boogie joked that because of their parent’s divorce and how it was related to the other player’s anger issues, he would “make a better team leader” than another player. His comments drew both attention and criticism.

Boogie admitted in April of that year (2019) that he may have committed tax fraud. He buys Magic: The Gathering cards for his channel treats them as a business expense, and then resells them without reporting a profit, according to him. Self-employment earnings over $400 per year must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

In June 2019, footage of Boogie making racially insensitive remarks during previous live streams surfaced, drawing criticism. He commented during one live stream, “That’s a lot of money, I guess, for a person of color, or is it not?” after receiving a $3 donation from a follower who frequently donated to him on his stream with the message “I am a black person.”

On June 27, Boogie announced on Twitter that he had purchased a new Tesla. Some of Boogie’s viewers left the livestream in the early days of July after he made the announcement and sarcastically requested donations to help pay for the new car.

Following a barrage of criticism for his livestream, Boogie eventually clarified that he had never actually purchased the car but had instead put down a deposit and had since canceled the order.

In August 2019, Boogie made headlines by telling his internet trolls, “I think there are rapists and Nazis out there who… are more redeemable than you because at least they’re doing something they believe in.”

Boogie announced in August 2020 that he was collaborating on a new project with Palangi Studios’ Matt Murphy and Joe Boyajian. Despite Sony’s lack of official confirmation, Boogie tweeted that two men attempted to dupe him into purchasing a PlayStation 5 before its release date.

Many Palangi Studios employees were outraged by Boogie’s claims, believing he unfairly implied that the studio’s original creators were behind the scam.

Finally, during a Livestream, Boogie deleted the tweet and apologized for the situation, explaining that he had recently suffered a panic attack, which was the source of the accusations.

The Famous American YouTuber Boogie2988 Net Worth today is estimated to be $2 Million as of the 2024 Update.

Boogie2988 Biography & Education


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Boogie2988 was born on July 24, 1974, in St. Paul, Virginia, U.S., and was raised there. His mother, Wanda Faye Williams, was a preschool teacher, and his father, Carl Williams, was a coal miner. His two older brothers are both men.

Williams described his childhood as “sad” because he struggled with obesity, a lack of friends, and verbal and physical abuse from his mother.

Despite this, his most heartbreaking memory is of her death in 2009, while he was at the same hospital where she died. He had already suffered from depression due to his father’s cancer diagnosis. On August 1, Williams underwent gastric bypass surgery to treat his severe obesity.

After graduating from St. Paul High School in Virginia, Williams attended the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, but he did not complete his studies there.

Later, he moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, where his life improved briefly before rapidly deteriorating. He stayed at home for seven years, receiving help from a friend. He began making videos after discovering YouTube, which, in his words, gave his life meaning.

Boogie2988 Net Worth is estimated to be $2 Million according to the 2024 Update

How much is Boogie2988 Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

Boogie2988’s Net Worth today is estimated to be $2 Million, according to our research at We found out that the famous American YouTuber has made it big in his profession 

Boogie2988 Legal Issue & Assault Criminal Charges

In September 2020, Boogie went viral on Twitter after news of his feud with YouTuber Frank Hassle spread. Hassle had been harassing Boogie for a while, having blamed him for the closure of Hassle’s channels. Hassle traveled to Boogie’s Arkansas home, and during an interview with Keemstar, Boogie vowed to kill him if he set foot on his property.

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Boogie drew his gun and shot a warning in the air the day after Hassle showed up at his house with a GoPro. The entire incident with the annoyance was caught on camera, and he eventually left.

It didn’t take long for police to open up a probe into the incident. The sheriff’s office in Washington County, Arkansas, issued a warrant for Boogie’s arrest on May 7, 2021, charging him aggravated assault and setting bond at $5,000.

On May 12, Boogie surrendered, and after three and a half hours of processing, he was released on bail. At his trial, he entered a guilty plea. Boogie reported his case settled on a deferred adjudication date of March 7, 2022.

How old is Boogie2988? Height and Weight

The famous American YouTuber known professionally as Boogie2988 is reportedly in his 40s. He stands pretty tall. After we studied his height, we found out he stands at an altitude of 5 feet 8 inches. Similarly, our report also shows his weight is around 102Kg

Who is Boogie2988 Wife? Is he married?

The famous American YouTuber Boogie2988 got married to a woman named Desiree Williams in 2013. Their marriage lasted for years till they finally split in 2018

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Is he alive or dead?

According to our research, he is still alive as of the 2024 update.

Lists Of Boogie2988 Web Pages & YouTube Channels

  • 2014 – Did You Know Gaming?
  • 2015 – Your Grammar Sucks
  • 2016 – Super Planet Dolan
  • 2016 – Crash Zoom Mantis (voice)
  • 2016–2019 – Youtubers React
  • 2018 – HowToBasic

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  • He was born on July 24, 1974 in St. Paul, Virginia, U.S.
  • His real name is “Steven Jay Williams.”
  • He is a famous and Successful American Youtuber
  • His net worth is estimated to be $2 Million as of the 2024 update.
  • He has Millions Of Subscribers on his YouTube Channel
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