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Dave East, the American rapper, has two daughters. His first daughter, Kairi Chanel Brewster, was born on March 9, 2016. His second daughter, Kobi Chanai Brewster, was born on September 24, 2020.

Kairi Chanel Brewster

Kairi Chanel Brewster is Dave East’s oldest daughter. She was born in New York City to Dave East and Milagrito Colon. Kairi is a beautiful and intelligent little girl. She loves to dance, sing, and play with her father.

Dave East has a close relationship with Kairi. He often posts pictures of her on social media. He has also said that she is his “everything.”

Kobi Chanai Brewster

Kobi Chanai Brewster is Dave East’s youngest daughter. She was born in New York City to Dave East and Millie Colon. Kobi is a happy and playful little girl. She loves to spend time with her father and her older sister.

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Dave East has said that he is “overjoyed” to be a father of two daughters. He has also said that he is committed to being a good father to his daughters.

Dave East’s Relationship with His Daughters

Dave East is a loving and devoted father. He is always there for his daughters, and he loves spending time with them. He has said that his daughters are his “greatest accomplishment.”

Dave East’s parenting style is based on love and respect. He wants his daughters to know that they are loved and supported, no matter what. He also wants them to be independent and strong-willed.

Dave East has high hopes for his daughters. He wants them to be happy and successful. He also wants them to use their voices to make a difference in the world.

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Dave East is a proud father of two beautiful daughters. He loves spending time with them, and he is committed to being a good father. Dave East’s daughters are his greatest accomplishment, and he is excited to see what the future holds for them.

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