Elyse Willem Net WorthElyse Willem Net Worth

James and Elyse Willems are one of the most beloved couples in the gaming community. They are both hilarious, talented, and down-to-earth, and their love for each other is evident in everything they do. But how did these two lovebirds meet?

How They Met

James and Elyse met in the early 2000s in an online chatroom. They were both fans of the same video games, and they quickly bonded over their shared interests. They started talking online every day, and soon they were in a long-distance relationship.

Their Long-Distance Relationship

James and Elyse lived in different countries at the time, so their relationship was long-distance for the first few years. They visited each other as often as they could, and they talked on the phone every day. Their long-distance relationship was challenging, but they were both committed to making it work.

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Getting Married

After four years of dating, James and Elyse got married in 2008. They had a small, intimate wedding with their closest friends and family. They are still happily married today, and they have two dogs together.

Working Together at Funhaus

In 2015, James and Elyse both joined Funhaus, a gaming and entertainment production company. They have worked together on many projects, including gameplay videos, podcasts, and live streams. They are both incredibly talented and creative, and they have a great working relationship.


James and Elyse Willems are a true love story. They met online, they fell in love, and they have been together ever since. They are both successful in their careers, and they are raising a family together. They are an inspiration to many, and they show that true love can conquer all.

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