Top 7 Rappers With Masters Degrees Bachelors And Honorary AwardsTop 7 Rappers With Masters Degrees Bachelors And Honorary Awards

Rappers are associated with a street lifestyle, often regarded as a key factor that influences their musical careers. Most of them don’t usually take academics seriously. However, some showcase intellectual ability in their music, a key aspect that creates an intriguing interest in their education.

While this list outlines musicians with Master’s degrees, it also comprises famous rappers who have been awarded honorary degrees in recognition of their dedication and significant contributions to society. Hopefully, they’ll inspire students interested in art and music careers to pursue their interests no matter what it takes.

Rappers with Degrees; Success in Education

There’s nothing as rewarding as following your dreams. However, it’s more satisfying to enjoy what you love and achieve exceptional results. Some individuals pursue their music careers at the expense of education, while others go through high school and college no matter how tough the experience is.

Several rappers have pursued common undergraduate degrees, while only a few have advanced their studies to the Master’s level. A handful of famous artists have been recognized and awarded honorary degrees by institutions of higher education due to their significant contributions to society. Regardless of the celebrities’ level of achievements, their milestones are sources of inspiration to the younger generation, especially aspiring musicians.

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List of Top 7 Rappers with Master’s Degrees

David Banner

College: Southern University in Boston

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Degree: Business Studies and Master’s in Education

One of the most influential rappers with Master’s degrees is David Banner, a famous American songwriter, actor, and record producer. David Banner attained his undergraduate degree in business studies at Southern University in Boston. After graduation, he enrolled at Maryland Eastern Shore University to pursue a Master’s in education. Based on Banner’s level of education, it is certain that though most rappers originate from suburbs and are often associated with mischievous lifestyles and high cases of school dropouts, some don’t let their interest in music hinder them from pursuing their academic goals.

Lil Wayne

College: Phoenix University

Degree: Honorary

Lil Wayne is one of the popular celebrities who’ve fought hard to build their brands worldwide. Apart from striving to improve his music career, the celebrated rapper has invested his time and finances in education to become a better person. Although Lil Wayne dropped out of McMain Magnet School at 14 to focus on his music career, he never gave up on his ambitions. He joined The University of Houston, where he majored in political science but was forced to drop out since he couldn’t cope with a tight schedule. However, he later enrolled in online classes at Phoenix University. Lil Wayne was awarded an honorary degree in psychology in 2008.

Flavor Flav

College: Adelphi University

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Degree: Business and Radio Communications

William Jonathan Drayton, commonly known as Flavor Flav, is one of the popular American rappers with degrees. Apart from composing great music hits like Shake Your Booty and Step Back, he became famous after showcasing his acting talent on a television series, ‘The Surreal Life.’ Like most rappers, Flavor dropped out of school in grade 11; however, he later completed his studies in 1978 as a culinary graduate.

Flavor Flav later enrolled in Adelphi University for a Bachelor’s in Business and Radio Communications. While in the institution, he met Caltron Ridenhour (Chuck D), who became his greatest cheerleader and partner in the music industry. The two friends became the core founders of Public Enemy, a hip-hop group that dominated the music industry in the 1980s.

Childish Gambino

College: New York University

Degree: Dramatic Writing

Donald McKinley Glover (Childish Gambino) is one of the renowned rappers with graduate degrees. Gambino graduated with a bachelor’s in the field of dramatic writing from New York University in 2006. After graduation, he served as a writer for 30 Rock, one of the National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) television shows. Childish Gambino received the Writers Guild Award after serving in the entity for three years. Besides releasing popular hits like Heartbeat, Me and Your Mama, and Redbone, he has appeared in several films including, The Lazarus Effect (2015), and Supernatural Horror.

Lecrae Devaughn Moore

College: University of Northern Texas

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Degree: Applied Arts and Science

Lecrae, officially known as Lecrae Devaughn Moore, is one of the most accomplished rappers in the United States with exceptional educational background. The artist was raised by his mother and grandmother in San Diego. Although a drug addict in his teenage life, he completed high school and later enrolled in the University of Northern Texas, where he pursued a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree.

After graduating, Lecrae briefly enrolled in the Middle Tennessee State University before transferring to the University of Northern Texas to study sociology and electronic media.

Ice Cube

College: The Phoenix Institute of Technology

Degree: Architecture

O’Shea Jackson, popularly known by his stage name, Ice Cube, is a renowned record producer, actor, and rapper. Unlike most artists, he defied all odds to pursue an associate degree in Architecture. The Phoenix Institute of Technology graduate completed his studies in 1988. Since his graduation, Ice Cube has partnered with famous musicians like David Bowie, Trent Reznor, and Tupac.

Kendrick Lamar

College: University of Hartford

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Degree: Honorary

Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest rappers with graduate degrees. The artist’s socially conscious compositions have helped him address contemporary issues facing marginalized and disadvantaged communities through social justice campaigns. In addition, Kendrick uses his music as a platform to create awareness about inequality, police brutality, and racism. It’s no wonder he was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, in 2018.

Is It Possible for a Rapper to Pursue Formal Education?

Rappers aren’t known for high academic achievement but rather for their excellent ability to entertain music lovers. However, there are several stars who have succeeded academically by earning graduate and Master’s degrees. Furthermore, a handful of artists have been lucky to get honorary awards due to their significant contributions to society’s progress; these achievements have played a major role in their success in the music industry. Although it might seem challenging to focus on a music career and studies simultaneously, everything is possible with utmost dedication, discipline, and access to quality resources like essay writing services and research materials.

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