Brett Caprioni Net Worth
Brett Caprioni Net Worth

Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens were two of the newest cast members on the reality show Vanderpump Rules when their racist tweets resurfaced in January 2020. The tweets, which were posted in 2011 and 2012, included offensive language about black people, Asians, and Muslims.

The Tweets

The tweets were first brought to light by a Twitter user named Faith Stowers, who is a former cast member of Vanderpump Rules. Stowers tweeted screenshots of the tweets, along with a message calling out Caprioni and Boyens for their “racist and disgusting” words.

The Backlash

The backlash against Caprioni and Boyens was swift and intense. The tweets were widely condemned by fans of Vanderpump Rules, as well as by Bravo, the network that airs the show.

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The Firing

In the wake of the backlash, Bravo announced that Caprioni and Boyens would be fired from Vanderpump Rules. The network said in a statement that it “does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.”


Caprioni and Boyens have both apologized for their tweets. Boyens said that he was “deeply sorry” for his words, and that he “learned a lot” from the experience. Caprioni said that he was “ashamed” of his tweets, and that he was “committed to doing better.”


The firing of Caprioni and Boyens was a significant moment for Vanderpump Rules. It was the first time that the show had fired cast members for their off-screen behavior. The firing also sent a message that Bravo would not tolerate racism or discrimination on its shows.

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Why were Brett and Max fired from Vanderpump Rules?

They were fired for their racist tweets. The tweets were offensive and insensitive, and they violated Bravo’s policy of not tolerating racism or discrimination.

What have Brett and Max been up to since they were fired?

Caprioni has been working as a personal trainer. Boyens has been working as a bartender. Both men have also been active on social media, where they have apologized for their tweets and expressed their commitment to doing better.

What does the future hold for Brett and Max?

It is unclear what the future holds for Brett and Max. They may be able to return to reality television at some point, but they will likely have to work hard to rebuild their reputations.

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What can we learn from the Brett and Max situation?

We can learn that our words have consequences. Even if we make offensive or insensitive comments in the past, they can still come back to haunt us. We should all be careful about what we say online, and we should be mindful of the impact our words can have on others.

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