Ethan Klein Net Worth
Ethan Klein Net Worth

Ethan Klein is an American YouTuber and podcaster. He is best known for his satirical YouTube channel h3h3Productions, which he co-hosts with his wife Hila Klein. The channel has over 29 million subscribers and is known for its reaction videos, sketch comedy, and social commentary.

Ethan Klein’s YouTube Career

Ethan Klein began his YouTube career in 2011 with the launch of the h3h3Productions channel. The channel quickly gained popularity for its reaction videos, which often satirized popular internet trends and personalities. In addition to reaction videos, h3h3Productions also produces sketch comedy videos and social commentary videos.

In 2017, Ethan Klein launched the H3 Podcast, which he co-hosts with Hila Klein. The podcast is known for its long-form interviews with a variety of guests, including politicians, celebrities, and other internet personalities. The H3 Podcast has become one of the most popular podcasts in the world, with over 2.5 million subscribers.

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Ethan Klein’s Controversies

Ethan Klein has been involved in a number of controversies throughout his career. In 2016, he was sued by the Fine Bros. for copyright infringement over his reaction videos. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

In 2019, Ethan Klein was sued for defamation by Matt Hoss, a YouTuber who was featured in one of h3h3Productions’ videos. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed by the court.

In 2021, Ethan Klein co-hosted the Frenemies podcast with Trisha Paytas. The podcast was known for its drama and controversy, and it eventually ended after nine months.

Ethan Klein’s Impact on Internet Culture

Ethan Klein has had a significant impact on internet culture. His satirical commentary and willingness to speak out against injustice have made him a popular figure among many internet users. He has also been praised for his support of other creators.

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Ethan Klein is a controversial figure, but he is also a significant one. His impact on internet culture is undeniable. He is a voice for many people who feel marginalized or ignored by mainstream media. He is also a reminder that even the most powerful people and institutions are not immune to criticism.


Is Ethan Klein married?

Yes, Ethan Klein is married to Hila Klein. They have two sons together, Theodore and Bruce.

What is Ethan Klein’s net worth?

Ethan Klein’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

What is Ethan Klein’s religion?

Ethan Klein is Jewish.

What is Ethan Klein’s political affiliation?

Ethan Klein is a liberal.

What is Ethan Klein’s favorite food?

Ethan Klein’s favorite food is pizza.

Additional Information

In addition to the above, here are some other things that Ethan Klein is famous for:

  • His Tourette’s syndrome. Ethan Klein has Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary tics. He has been open about his condition and has used his platform to raise awareness about it.
  • His support for animal rights. Ethan Klein is a vegan and has spoken out against animal cruelty.
  • His business ventures. Ethan Klein is the co-founder of the streetwear brand Teddy Fresh. He is also the founder of the H3H3 Productions network, which includes a number of other YouTube channels.

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