Bumpy Johnson Net Worth
Bumpy Johnson Net Worth

Bumpy Johnson, also known as Ellsworth Raymond Johnson, was a notorious American gangster who ruled Harlem in the mid-20th century. He was a complex figure, both feared and respected for his intelligence, ruthlessness, and generosity.

Johnson died in 1968, leaving behind a wife, Mayme Hatcher Johnson, and two children, Charles and Elizabeth. He also had a number of illegitimate children.

According to Johnson’s will, his wife inherited the bulk of his estate. She also received his home in Harlem, his jewelry, and his cars. Johnson’s children each received a trust fund.

In addition to his family, Johnson also left money to a number of other people, including his lawyer, his accountant, and several of his close friends.

Bumpy Johnson’s Net Worth

Bumpy Johnson’s net worth at the time of his death is estimated to have been around $100 Million. This fortune was amassed through a variety of illegal activities, including gambling, racketeering, and drug trafficking.

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Who Was Bumpy Johnson?

Bumpy Johnson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1905. He moved to Harlem with his family when he was a teenager. Johnson quickly fell into a life of crime, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the Harlem underworld.

By the 1930s, Johnson was one of the most powerful gangsters in Harlem. He controlled the numbers racket, which was a lucrative illegal gambling operation. Johnson also had a close relationship with the Genovese crime family, one of the Five Families of the American Mafia.

How Did Bumpy Johnson Make His Money?

Bumpy Johnson made his money through a variety of illegal activities, including:

  • Numbers racket: The numbers racket was an illegal gambling operation in which people would bet on the results of a daily lottery. Johnson controlled the numbers racket in Harlem, and he made a fortune from it.
  • Racketeering: Racketeering is the practice of using threats and violence to extort money from people. Johnson used racketeering to extort money from businesses and individuals in Harlem.
  • Drug trafficking: Johnson was also involved in drug trafficking. He smuggled heroin into the United States from France and Mexico.
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Bumpy Johnson’s Criminal Activity

Bumpy Johnson was a ruthless criminal. He was known for his violence and his willingness to kill anyone who crossed him. Johnson was also a skilled manipulator, and he was able to build a powerful criminal empire.

Johnson was arrested and convicted of several crimes throughout his life. He spent over 10 years in prison. However, he was always able to find a way to get out of prison and back into the criminal world.

Bumpy Johnson’s Death

Bumpy Johnson died of a heart attack in 1968. He was 62 years old. Johnson was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, New York.

Who Inherited Bumpy Johnson’s Money?

As mentioned above, Bumpy Johnson’s wife, Mayme Hatcher Johnson, inherited the bulk of his estate. His children each received a trust fund, and he also left money to a number of other people.

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What Happened to Bumpy Johnson’s Money After His Death?

Mayme Hatcher Johnson used her husband’s inheritance to invest in real estate and other businesses. She also established a foundation in Bumpy Johnson’s name to help young people in Harlem.


Bumpy Johnson was a controversial figure, but there is no doubt that he was one of the most powerful gangsters in Harlem history. He was a ruthless businessman and a skilled manipulator. He also had a generous side, and he was known for helping people in need.

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