Ppcocaine Net Worth
Ppcocaine Net Worth

PPcocaine, whose real name is Tayler Holder, is a rapper and social media personality. She has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Her account is known for its explicit content and controversial posts.

The Reason for PPcocaine’s Instagram Delete

In January 2023, PPcocaine deleted her Instagram account. She did not provide a reason for the deletion, but it is likely that she was tired of the negative attention that her account was receiving.

PPcocaine’s Return to Instagram

In February 2023, PPcocaine returned to Instagram. She posted a video explaining why she deleted her account and what she plans to do differently in the future. She said that she was going to focus on posting more positive content and that she was going to be more mindful of the way that she interacted with her followers.

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PPcocaine’s decision to delete and then return to Instagram is a reminder of the challenges that social media stars face. They are constantly under scrutiny and they can be easily targeted by trolls and haters. However, PPcocaine’s return to Instagram shows that she is not going to let the negative attention stop her from doing what she loves.

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