Willie Falcon Net Worth
Willie Falcon Net Worth

Born in 1956 in Cuba, Willie Falcon and his family migrated to the United States in 1966. However, instead of pursuing education, Falcon opted to work as a car salesman. His life took a fateful turn in the early 1980s when he ventured into the perilous world of cocaine smuggling.

Teaming up with Sal Magluta, Falcon’s drug trafficking endeavors soon garnered immense success, making them prominent players in Miami’s tumultuous history. Their illicit operation facilitated the influx of staggering amounts of cocaine into the United States, earning them the notorious alias of “Los Muchachos” or “The Boys.”

In a surprising turn of events, Falcon and Magluta managed to evade drug trafficking charges in 1991. However, their criminal activities didn’t go unnoticed, and eventually, they were convicted on money laundering charges. This conviction led to a severe 20-year imprisonment sentence for both.

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For 14 long years, Willie Falcon was confined within the walls of prison, paying a hefty price for his involvement in the drug trade. Finally, in 2017, he was granted his freedom. Nevertheless, his return to society was short-lived, as he found himself deported to the Dominican Republic, where he now resides.


Willie Falcon’s life is a stark reminder of the grave consequences that accompany involvement in drug trafficking. Despite his initial success as a businessman, his misguided choices led him down a treacherous path. Serving a substantial prison sentence and ultimately living in exile, his story stands as a cautionary tale of the perils associated with criminal activities.

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