Is Twitter Free Speech Heaven Under New Elon Management
Is Twitter Free Speech Heaven Under New Elon Management

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, users were expecting a complete new wave of free speech and freedom. Elon Musk announced that Bird is freed, as he had intentions to make the platform totally open to everyone who wants to share his thoughts. Despite the intentions of the management, there are certain laws and regulations that the company needs to follow in and out of the United States. Musk’s intentions to provide a free and fair social media platform are impressive, but the implementation of this idea is not going to be so easy.

Right after new management took control, users wanted to test the limits of free speech on the platform. The majority has positive thoughts about their rights on the platform because Elon had promised to make the platform better in terms of free speech. Previous management has banned the official accounts of many celebrities and influential people. Right after taking control, Elon Management reinstated the accounts of banned users.

At that time, President Donald Trump was also banned from Twitter. After some time, Elon Management reinstated Trump’s account too. Even after the activation of his account, Trump remained silent on the platform. He posted nothing after 2021, and in August 2023, his mug shot was posted, and right after that post, he went silent again. Twitter management has nothing to do with the inactivity of the account, as Donald has personally decided to quit the platform for the public interest. These developments indicate a positive approach of new management to allowing uncensored freedom of speech.

Twitter is now ‘X’

Elon not only brought new ideas to the company, but he also made major changes in the management of the company. Top executives were removed for their designations, and new staff was recruited for the most part. These all seemed bad moves at that time. Right after this, Elon officially changed the name of the company. From Twitter, the name of the platform was changed to X. After some days, the bird logo, the previous brand logo of Twitter, was also removed from the headquarters. Now, X is owned and managed by X Corp.

Many advertisers have quit sharing and posting their ads on the platform due to these massive changes. Elon is a genius person and has bigger plans for the future. Integration of new features and options will help to increase the reach of the platform in the long run. X is also welcoming other sectors on board. You might be seeing online casino ads on social media these days. New rules and regulations have legalized gambling in many states.

Not only the USA, but many other countries are also working on redefining their laws regarding online and other forms of gambling. Before choosing any casino after seeing the paid ad on social media, you should do your research to find the best and most suitable casino. You can browse through and find the best casinos that entertain Polish players and global audiences. Some of these companies are going global, and their collaboration with other sectors of the entertainment industry will help to grow the fan base. Here are some major countries where gambling is legal:

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  • Sweden
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  • Macau

Apart from these few countries, there is a long list of countries that have legalized gambling or are working on updating their laws and regulations. Similarly, free media has also become a controversial topic these days. There must be new rules and regulations to keep a balance in the sharing of thoughts and opinions on platforms like X.

Future Plans for Twitter or X

Despite announcing a free and transparent platform for the users, the company will have to follow certain rules and regulations in the USA and in other countries. In Europe, X will have to follow and operate under the new Digital Service Acts. These acts require the platforms to be transparent, fair and accountable. If the new management wants to operate in the European Union, they will have to follow the laws and regulations of the region.

Twitter needs to maintain the anonymity of the users. In some regions, sharing explicit content or thoughts on social media can get you in serious trouble with local pressure groups or authorities. Users can freely share their thoughts without being exposed. Twitter’s new management also needs to allocate more funds to the Bluesky Project. This project was initiated back in 2019 to establish decentralized channels for public conversation.


Many users have concerns and objections about the new rules and regulations by the management. If Elon is able to control what people can share, see and access on the social media platform, it is totally unacceptable. Twitter needs to work on initiatives to increase engagement with the stakeholders.

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