Jacob Whol Net Worth
Jacob Whol Net Worth

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NameJacob Whol
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of birthDecember 12, 1997
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, United States
Height6 feet 1 inch
Last Updated2024

Who is Jacob Whol?

Jacob Whol is a far-right conspiracy theorist, swindling artist, and convicted felon from the United States. Wohl and conservative lobbyist and conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman have been behind numerous failed schemes to falsely accuse prominent people of sexual assault.

The two are suspected of being behind plots against US Special Counsel Robert Mueller in October 2018, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in April 2019, and Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, in April 2020. Jacob Whol Net Worth is calculated to be $5 Million according to 2024 Update.

Jacob Whol Investment Funds, Sanctions & Legal Actions

As a young man, Wohl established WCIG, NeX Capital Management, and MAI investment firms. High school teachers and classmates initially invested in his startup. At the tender age of seventeen, Wohl promoted his hedge fund in an interview with Fox Business in 2015.

His name was on the registrar’s list for several adult-oriented domains, including “WohlGirls.com,” where he advertised models available for hire on Craigslist, hoping to attract customers. A model claimed that Wohl had published her unauthorized photo online.

As a result of a complaint from a client in 2016, the National Futures Association (NFA) looked into NeX Capital Management. According to the investor, Wohl had promised him a return of $75,000 but only paid him $44,000 when he asked for it. The man committed suicide sometime later.

While Wohl insisted the disparity resulted from trading losses, the NFA concluded that Wohl “appeared to have made, not lost, money overall” in his trading accounts. The NFA claimed some funds were transferred to Wohl’s mother’s stock brokerage accounts.

Jacob Whol Net Worth, Firms & Companies

Surefire Intelligence, LLC was founded by Wohl and officially established in 2018. Reporters who looked into Surefire Intelligence in October 2018 after hearing of a scheme to frame Robert Mueller for sexual assault discovered that Wohl had founded the company only a few weeks prior and that the corporate phone number was forwarded to Wohl’s mother’s voicemail.

They further claimed that photos of employees posted on the website were from third parties, such as star Christoph Waltz.

Shortly after forming the organization, Wohl placed ads on Craigslist portraying his new enterprise as a group of private detectives. 

Wohl’s ad erroneously implied that Surefire’s staff included former Israeli intelligence operatives and other investigators. Jacob Whol Net Worth is estimated to be $5 Million as of the latest Update.

Jacob Whol False Allegations against Robert Muller

Jennifer Taub, a professor at the Vermont Law School, received an email from Wohl’s company, Surefire Intelligence, on October 22, 2018, asking about “past encounters” with U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and offering compensation for a phone conversation about him.

Although Taub claimed to have never met Mueller, she submitted the problem to Mueller’s office, sending it to the FBI (FBI).

A plot to frame Mueller for sexual misbehavior in 1974 was exposed in articles published by NBC News and The Atlantic on October 30.

According to the articles, on October 17, 2018, several journalists were contacted by someone claiming to be Lorraine Parsons.

Parsons allegedly claimed that conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman had hired a man with Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence firm, offering her more than $20,000 to sign an affidavit falsely accusing Mueller of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment.

During her interview with the media, Parsons said that she had worked with Mueller at the law firm Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro in 1974 and that the man from Surefire had urged her to make up allegations of impropriety against Mueller.

Even though Pillsbury employed Mueller in 1974, the company claimed to the press that they could find no record of a Lorraine Parsons ever working there. Although many reporters tried to contact Parsons by phone, he repeatedly rebuffed their efforts.

Jacob Whol Political Podcasts and Blogs

Wohl launched his political podcast Offended America in February 2018 on a news blog he developed called The Washington Reporter.

According to an article published by NBC News in November 2018, Wohl “accepted and amplified practically every important conspiracy theory to appear in the last year,” including assertions that Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Robert Mueller had committed crimes.

The Washington Reporter was caught plagiarizing many portions of ProPublica’s Code of Ethics in June 2018. When August of 2018 rolled around, Wohl had pulled the plug on the website, and the podcast episodes had stopped being released.

After Wohl’s unsuccessful plot against Mueller was exposed in the fall of 2018, he was sacked from his job as a journalist for the alt-right website The Gateway Pundit.

Jacob Whol Biography & Education

Jacob Whol gave birth on December 12, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He is said to be Jewish. 

His father, David Wohl, is a conservative commentator and defense lawyer who has appeared as a guest on Fox News shows and has likewise advocated for conspiracies.

Wohl grew up in Corona, California, and went to Santiago High School. Jacob Whol Net Worth is Estimated to be $5 Million according to the 2024 Update

Jacob Whol False Accusation against Kamala Harris

Wohl made the erroneous claim on Twitter on January 22, 2019, that Democratic Senator and then-presidential candidate Kamala Harris was not a citizen of the United States because her parents were not naturalized citizens at the time of her birth.

Harris, regardless of the citizenship status of her parents at the time of her birth, is a U.S. citizen because she was born in Oakland, California. According to PolitiFact, Wohl’s statement is completely false.

Wohl wrote that Kamala Harris “does not represent American Women” and “traded sexual favors for public office” from a fake Twitter account in February 2019 that claimed to represent a group of women who supported Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s possible 2020 presidential campaign.

Jacob Whol Ban From Social Media Story; Why was he banned?

Wohl’s irrational social media behaviors have made him an “Internet troll.” He was quite social on Twitter, promoting misinformation and outright falsehoods about Democratic lawmakers.

On August 31, 2020, Wohl’s access to Instagram and Facebook was permanently terminated. The latter website said that Wohl had broken their rules against “organized inauthentic activity” by making many accounts ahead of the 2020 election in November. Therefore they banned him.

Wohl, commenting on the ban over Telegram, wrote, “Since I am no longer welcome on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, I have no qualms about using those sites to “manipulate the dialogue,” as they put it. When compared to Project 1599, Cambridge Analytica will seem like an elementary school science fair “.

How much is Jacob Whol Net Worth in 2024 by Forbes?

According to our research on Networth202.com, we found out that the Infamous American Far right Conspiracy theorist “Jacob Whol” has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of the 2024 Update.

How old is Jacob Whol? Height and Weight

The popular American Far right Conspiracy theorist known as Jacob Whol is reported to be in his 20s. He stands pretty tall. After we studied his height, we found out he stands at 6 feet 1 inch. Similarly, our report also shows his weight is around 75Kg

Jacob’s Wife & Family

The famous American Far right Conspiracy theorist and Convicted felony, Jacob Whol love life have been a subject of focus. According to our research at networth202.com, the report shows he is not in any romantic relationship.

Is he alive or dead?

According to our research Networth202.com, he is still alive as of the 2024 Update.

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  • He was born on December 12, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, United States. 
  • His full name is “Jacob Alexander Wohl.”
  • He is known to be a far-right conspiracy theorist in the United States
  • His net worth is estimated to be $5 Million as of the 2024 Update.
  • He was the ban from Facebook and Instagram in 2020 after violating the platform’s Policies and rights.

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