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Taylor Gabriel, the former American football wide receiver, left an indelible mark on the National Football League (NFL) during his six-season career. Known for his lightning speed and elusive moves, Gabriel showcased his talent with the Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, and Chicago Bears. His journey from being drafted in the fifth round to becoming a key contributor in a Super Bowl run is a testament to his dedication and skill.

Taylor Gabriel’s NFL Career

Before gracing the NFL stage, Gabriel honed his football prowess at Abilene Christian University, where he earned the distinction of being a two-time All-Southland Conference selection. His skills were further highlighted when he was invited to participate in the prestigious 2013 Senior Bowl. In 2014, the Cleveland Browns saw the potential in Gabriel and drafted him in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

During his rookie season, Gabriel played in all 16 games, impressing both fans and critics alike with his versatility. He caught 36 passes for an impressive 621 yards and scored a touchdown, hinting at the bright future that lay ahead.

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Breakout Season with the Falcons

In 2015, Gabriel’s journey took a new turn as he was traded to the Atlanta Falcons. It was with the Falcons that he truly found his stride. With his breakout season, Gabriel caught 57 receptions for 766 yards and scored six touchdowns, displaying his potential as a star receiver.

The peak of Gabriel’s career came during the Falcons’ memorable Super Bowl LI run in 2016. His contributions were vital to the team’s success, and during the Super Bowl game, he caught three passes for an impressive 76 yards.

A Productive Stint with the Bears

Gabriel’s talent caught the attention of the Chicago Bears, leading to his signing with the team in 2018. He continued to shine on the field, showcasing his skills as a reliable target for his quarterbacks. During the 2018 season, he recorded 50 receptions for 670 yards and scored four touchdowns.

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Retirement Decision and the Next Chapter

On April 9, 2021, Taylor Gabriel made a decision that surprised many football fans – he announced his retirement from the NFL at the age of 29. The reasons behind his early retirement were attributed, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gabriel expressed concerns about the potential health risks of playing football amidst the pandemic, which ultimately influenced his decision to step away from the game he loved. Additionally, he felt ready to embark on the next chapter of his life beyond the football field.

Life After Football: Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

After retiring from the NFL, Taylor Gabriel embarked on a new journey as a motivational speaker. Drawing from his experiences on and off the field, he shares valuable insights and inspiring stories with audiences, motivating them to strive for greatness.

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Moreover, Gabriel has been actively involved in various business ventures. Utilizing his entrepreneurial spirit, he has explored opportunities beyond football and continues to make his mark in the business world.

The Gabriel Foundation: Empowering Students

Taylor Gabriel’s passion for education and giving back to the community led him to co-found “The Gabriel Foundation,” a non-profit organization with a mission to provide scholarships to students from Abilene Christian University. Through this initiative, Gabriel aims to empower aspiring students to pursue their academic dreams and create a better future for themselves.


1. What team did Taylor Gabriel play for last?

Taylor Gabriel last played for the Chicago Bears in 2020.

2. Why did Taylor Gabriel retire so early?

Taylor Gabriel retired from the NFL at the age of 29 due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic’s health risks associated with playing football. Additionally, he felt ready to explore new opportunities and challenges outside of the sport.

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3. What is Taylor Gabriel’s net worth?

Taylor Gabriel’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, primarily earned from his successful NFL career.


Taylor Gabriel’s NFL journey exemplified the tenacity and talent required to thrive in one of the most competitive sports leagues. With his exceptional speed and elusive moves, he left a lasting impact on fans and teammates alike. While his retirement may have marked the end of his football career, Gabriel’s pursuit of inspiring others as a motivational speaker and involvement in philanthropic endeavors through “The Gabriel Foundation” demonstrate that his contributions extend far beyond the football field. As he continues to make strides in his post-football pursuits, Taylor Gabriel’s legacy remains one of perseverance and dedication to making a positive difference.

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