6lack Net Worth
6lack Net Worth

Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr., better known by his stage name 6lack, is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is known for his soulful vocals and his introspective lyrics. 6lack has been open about his personal life, including his relationship with his daughter, Syx Rose Valentine.

Who is 6lack?

6lack was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1992. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was 16 years old. 6lack began his music career in 2013, releasing his debut mixtape, Free 6lack, in 2016. The mixtape was a critical and commercial success, and it helped to establish 6lack as a rising star in the R&B scene.

When was 6lack’s daughter born?

6lack’s daughter, Syx Rose Valentine, was born on February 20, 2017. 6lack announced the birth of his daughter on Instagram, writing, “My daughter is here and I’m the happiest man in the world.”

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What is 6lack’s daughter’s name?

6lack’s daughter’s name is Syx Rose Valentine. Syx is a unisex name that means “six” in Latin. Rose is a common flower name that symbolizes love, beauty, and hope.

How often does 6lack see his daughter?

6lack has said that he sees his daughter as often as he can. He often takes her on tour with him, and he also makes sure to spend time with her when he is not working. 6lack has said that his daughter is his “everything,” and that she is the “reason why I do everything I do.”

What has 6lack said about his daughter?

6lack has been open about his love for his daughter. He has said that she is the “best thing that has ever happened to me,” and that she is “the reason why I wake up in the morning.” 6lack has also said that his daughter has inspired him to be a better person. He has said that he wants to be the best father he can be, and that he wants to set a good example for his daughter.

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How has 6lack’s daughter inspired his music?

6lack’s daughter has inspired his music in many ways. He has said that she is the reason why he writes such personal lyrics. He has also said that she is the reason why he makes music that is “real” and “authentic.” 6lack’s daughter has also appeared on several of his songs, including “Float” and “Pretty Little Fears.”


Q: Does 6lack have any other children?

A: No, 6lack does not have any other children.

Q: What does 6lack’s daughter look like?

A: 6lack has not shared any photos of his daughter’s face. However, he has said that she has his “eyes” and her mother’s “smile.”

Q: What is 6lack’s daughter’s favorite song by her father?

A: 6lack has not said what his daughter’s favorite song by him is. However, he has said that she likes to sing along to “Pretty Little Fears.”

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6lack is a proud father to his daughter, Syx Rose Valentine. Syx is the inspiration for much of his music, and she is the reason why he does what he does. 6lack is committed to being the best father he can be, and he is grateful for the opportunity to raise his daughter.

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