Will Zalatoris Net Worth
Will Zalatoris Net Worth

In August 2022, Will Zalatoris made the difficult decision to split with his caddie, Ryan Goble. The two had been working together for three years, and had achieved great success, including eight top 10 finishes, including runner-up finishes at the PGA Championship and U.S. Open.

A difficult decision

Zalatoris said that the decision to split with Goble was the toughest he had ever made in his golf career. He and Goble were close friends, and Zalatoris knew that the split would be hard on both of them.

The reasons for the split

Zalatoris did not go into great detail about the reasons for the split, but he did say that they had been having a rough month together. This was likely due to the pressure of Zalatoris’ rapid rise in the golf world. He had gone from being a relatively unknown player to one of the best young golfers in the world in a very short period of time. This pressure can be difficult to handle, and it can take a toll on relationships.

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A rough month

Zalatoris said that the tension from their rough month was starting to bleed off the course and affect their relationship. This was not what either of them wanted, so they decided to make a change.

The toll on their relationship

Zalatoris said that his relationship with Goble was more important to him than their professional relationship. He knew that they could not continue working together if it was taking a toll on their friendship.

Moving forward

Zalatoris has since hired a new caddie, Joel Stock. Stock is a veteran caddie who has worked with several successful golfers, including Ben Crane and Kevin Tway. Zalatoris is confident that Stock is the right person to help him take his game to the next level.

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Zalatoris’ new caddie

Zalatoris said that he is impressed with Stock’s knowledge of the game and his ability to stay calm under pressure. He is confident that Stock will be a valuable asset to his team.

Zalatoris’ thoughts on the split

Zalatoris said that the split with Goble was not an easy decision, but it was the right one for both of them. He is grateful for the time they spent together, and he wishes Goble all the best in the future.

What’s next for Zalatoris?

Zalatoris is focused on moving forward and continuing to improve his game. He has set his sights on winning a major championship, and he believes that Stock is the right person to help him achieve that goal.

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The split between Will Zalatoris and Ryan Goble was a difficult decision for both of them. However, it was the right decision for their relationship and for their careers. Zalatoris is confident that his new caddie, Joel Stock, will help him take his game to the next level.

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