Loaded Lux Net Worth

Loaded Lux is a battle rapper from Harlem, New York. He is considered by many to be one of the best battle rappers of all time. He is known for his complex wordplay, his ability to create angles that cut deep, and his killer instinct.

Arguments for Loaded Lux

There are many arguments in favor of Loaded Lux being the best battle rapper. Here are a few of the most compelling:

  • His wordplay is unmatched. Loaded Lux is a master of wordplay. He is able to come up with complex and creative metaphors, similes, and other figures of speech. He is also able to use wordplay to create angles that are both clever and devastating.
  • His angles are always on point. Loaded Lux is not just a master of wordplay. He is also a master of angles. He is able to find the weaknesses in his opponents and exploit them mercilessly. He is also able to create angles that are both personal and relevant.
  • He has a killer instinct. Loaded Lux is not afraid to go for the kill. He is not satisfied with just winning a battle. He wants to destroy his opponents. He is able to bring the heat from the first round to the last.

Arguments against Loaded Lux

There are also a few arguments against Loaded Lux being the best battle rapper. Here are a few of the most common:

  • He doesn’t battle enough. Loaded Lux has not battled as often as some of his peers. This has led some people to question his consistency.
  • His style can be too complex for some people. Loaded Lux’s style is not for everyone. His wordplay can be complex and his angles can be subtle. This can make it difficult for some people to follow his battles.


So, is Loaded Lux the best battle rapper? It is a matter of opinion, of course. But there is no doubt that he is one of the best. He has the wordplay, the angles, and the killer instinct. He is a master of his craft.

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