Surprising Celebrity Hookups You May Have Missed
Surprising Celebrity Hookups You May Have Missed

What might surprise you about celebs is how down-to-earth they can be, in some respects. From Ryan Reynolds being a fan of Welsh soccer, Geena Davis practising archery, or Tom Hanks collecting typewriters, many movie stars have hobbies or interests that anyone could enjoy. This is also the case with the ways that they hook up. When stars are on the lookout for a partner, of course many will bump into other singles in the places they typically frequent (red carpet events, after-show parties, green rooms in TV studios etc.) But others are eschewing that traditional showbiz lifestyle and meeting in places that might surprise you.

Using virtual dating apps

One platform becoming increasingly popular with celebrities from a variety of backgrounds is a dating app or website. The more you consider this form of social interaction, the less it seems surprising that someone in the public eye would choose it. A major issue with movie legends or rock stars is that they are continually in the public eye, their every move tracked by paparazzi and gossip column-writing journalists. When it comes to seeking nearby hookups, you can understand why they’d rather upload their details to a discreet place where they can interact in private. Using a matching resource means they are free to flirt with other site users, and many celebs end up dating what might be termed ‘average’ people. As for Golden Globe winner Matt Damon, he met his wife when she was working as a bartender. Online matchmaking can be terrific for creating a level playing field, a relaxing environment where people from all walks of life can interact via chat rooms or by sending DMs.

Why else do celebs go for the virtual solution?

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Another terrific aspect of the digital matching environment is how flexible relationships have become. You don’t have to sign up to a site to search for a soulmate. Many individuals are simply seeking a short-term fling, an aspiration suited to many of today’s top stars who are too busy to settle just yet. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps, how about some suggestions for icebreakers for online chat while developing a rapport? You could talk about the ones making all the waves due to how rich these performers are. This would give you food for thought, and while you chat about influential celebs, you could also be using this platform to stoke a sense of chemistry. Soon, you’ll be eager to emulate these famous people and step into the social arena, your plus one by your side.

Surprising celeb partnerships

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Minka Kelly

Gyllenhaal is Hollywood royalty, the son of director Stephen and younger brother of actress Maggie. His breakthrough role was as troubled teenager Donnie Darko, while he has also been BAFTA-nominated and Tony Award-winning. Minka Kelly won fame in movies such as Searching for Sonny and The Roommate. Did this glamorous couple hook up in 2012? Have they done since? The rumour Grapevine is going into overdrive.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell

US actor and producer DiCaprio has won an Oscar, BAFTAs, and three Golden Globes, and his movies have grossed over $7 billion across the globe. English supermodel Campbell was one of the world’s most-photographed female faces from the 90s onwards. The rumours are that DiCaprio and Campbell were an item back in 1995 when he was four years her junior. Neither has given an emphatic answer, but they have always been close friends. With benefits? Who knows?!

Cher and Tom Cruise

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Cruise is one of the most recognisable actors in Hollywood, and the star of numerous hit movies. Cher is an iconic pop singer whose successful recording career goes back to the 1960s. This unlikely couple met at the wedding of Madonna and Sean Penn in 1985 when Tom was 23 and 15 years younger. Again, whether their fling had any longevity, they remained on extremely amicable terms.

Heidi Klum and Anthony Kiedis

A German supermodel and the singer of the iconic US alt-rock band, Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Klum has been linked with many celebs over the years, and both have been open about how happy they were when they were an item.

Seal and Tyra Banks

Here’s a point where the Venn diagrams overlap! Seal, the English pop singer, once dated American fashion model and TV personality Tyra Banks, 11 years his junior. He then went on to marry the aforementioned Klum. 

Amanda Seyfried and Alexander Skarsgard

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Beautiful actress Seyfried was linked with Swedish actor Skarsgard (son of legendary actor Stellan). She admitted they dated, but she was too hooked on Dominic Cooper, her co-star in Mamma Mia.

It can be easy to miss particular pairings in the ever-revolving Hollywood treadmill. But it can also be a lot of fun digging further into the rumors, to find out if there is lingering evidence of Cupid’s arrow!

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